10,000 health workers protest in Bucharest.  They demand salaries calculated "correctly and fairly"

The Romanian Sanitas Federation is organizing a protest rally on Wednesday, with the participation of more than 10,000 members of the federation from all over the country, employed in the public health and social assistance system. They are dissatisfied with pay inequities for certain categories of staff.

The rally started at 10:00, in George Enescu Square. From 11:00 the trade unionists will leave for Victoriei Square, where they will protest in front of the Government until 13:00.

According to a Sanitas statement, the unionists’ demands are:

  • the correct and total application of the provisions of the Framework Law no. 153/2017 on the remuneration of staff paid from public funds, for all salary rights due to employees in Health and Social Assistance: increase of basic salaries, application of bonuses and payment of guards to the basic salary in payment, etc .;
  • ensuring the financing of holiday vouchers from the state budget, for Health employees;
  • the elimination from the Framework Law no. 153/2017 of the 30% ceiling that limits the granting of bonuses, compensations, bonuses, allowances and other salary rights for employees in Health and Social Assistance;
  • re-discussing with the social partners the objectives assumed by the authorities through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan regarding good governance in the public sector, at least those related to the principles that will underlie the reform of the public remuneration system.

“In the last two years, the Romanian governments have systematically violated the Remuneration Law by blocking salary increases. The decision has hit the lowest paid employees in the system: nurses, stretchers, caregivers, TESA staff, auxiliary staff, technical staff, etc.

For at least four years, the same rulers have been fueling the inequity generated by the calculation of bonuses in the health and social assistance system. Most occupational categories have the bonus for working conditions applied to the salary of 2018. The same method of calculation applies for the other types of bonuses – the one for night work, for work on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as for payment of guards. It is a serious violation of the principles of labor law.

If you have a basic salary in payment, all other salary entitlements must relate to it! We ask for nothing more than what the law says! We want the people we represent to be recognized for the value of their work and to be treated fairly and equitably in terms of pay, “said Leonard Barascu, president of the Sanitas Federation.

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