Wood truck for school, unloaded at the principal's boarding house: "The car broke down there"

The director of a school in Mehedinți County is being investigated by the police who found a wood truck in his yard. The wood belonged to the school, but the man allegedly intended to use it at the boarding house he runs. The director defends himself and says that the transport accidentally reached him in the yard, after the car broke down.

Two transports with 38 cubic meters of wood should have arrived at the general school in Isverna, Mehedinți county. After the first shipment was unloaded, the second did not reach its destination. He stopped, however, in the courtyard of the boarding house run by the school principal himself. A local immediately alerted the authorities.

Man: Those are the woods that originally arrived in the school yard and these are the woods that arrived in the yard of the principal’s boarding house.

Marius Răescu, local: I noticed a truck unloading lumber in the yard of this guesthouse. Later, half an hour later, the truck left. I wouldn’t have thought anyone could steal children’s wood or school supplies, but unfortunately such things still happen.

The school principal defends himself and says that, in fact, the car broke down right next to his boarding house.

Marian Balaci, director of Isverna General School: The first transport was taken directly to school. After that, there was a technical failure in the second transport and, of course, when he called me and consulted with the driver, I told him “you can leave them with me, it’s guarded”. We carry them in vans or smaller tractors so we can take them.

The police immediately arrived at the scene and confiscated the wood.

Corina Moraru, spokesperson for IPJ Mehedinți: The 19 cubic meters of wood material of different species, which was found at the boarding house in the village of Seviștea, was confiscated and taken into the custody of the forestry body in order to continue the criminal investigations. The estimated damage is about 5,000 lei.

Elena Alexandru, Digi24 journalist: Immediately after these woods were discovered in the yard of the school principal, they were confiscated by the police and brought to their destination, that is, here, in the school yard.

However, the locals and the representatives of the mayor’s office do not believe the director’s version.

Ion Stoican, administrator of Isverna Town Hall: Surprisingly, it broke down right next to the boarding house. And how did he download them if the car broke down and how did he get out of there? When the police arrived, they couldn’t find the car. The driver also stated that he had no problems with the car. It’s a pretty serious incident. Firewood was unloaded at the school, and oak wood, for construction, was unloaded at the boarding house.

Local: It’s a bad thing if this happened.

Loalnic: This is a very serious and shameful act. If the car broke down, the car would stay where it had broken down, another car would come, take the wood from that car, put it in another car and bring it to school. How did the car get out of there on its wheels and move on? How? Was that car faulty as it got where it got?

In this case, embezzlement is being investigated.

Reporter: Elena Alexandru / Operator: Adrian Niță

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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