What subjects did the students receive in Romanian at the 2022 National Assessment?

The 2022 National Assessment started on June 14, with the written test in Romanian Language and Literature. The rehearsal started at 9:00 and the entrance to the hall was until 8:30. The students received variant 4 of the subjects made for this exam by the National Center for Policies and Evaluation in Education, according to edupedu.ro. The students had to answer several questions on an excerpt from “All the sails up” by Radu Tudoran and one from “Fragments from the life of Delavrancea” by Cella Delavrancea. On the last topic they had to write an essay about the most beautiful event of the holiday.

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Topics from Romanian Language to National Assessment 2022:

Appeals National Assessment 2022

Candidates who file or submit appeals by electronic means complete and sign a standard statement stating that they have taken note of the fact that the grade awarded as a result of resolving the appeal may change, as appropriate, the original grade by increasing or decreasing.

In the case of the minor candidate, the standard declaration is also signed by the parents or their legal representatives.

Results of the National Assessment 2022

The first results, those before the appeals, will be announced on June 23, until 14:00, and the final results will be communicated on June 30.

The communication of the results obtained in the exam is made anonymized, respecting the General Regulation on personal data protection, using the individual codes that replace the names and surnames of the candidates and which were distributed to the candidates, based on signature of receipt, at the first test.

The general average obtained in the National Assessment has a weight of 80% in the calculation of the admission average in the ninth grade. 8th grade graduates will be able to continue their studies in high school or vocational education, with places provided for all students who have completed high school.

According to the Ministry of Education, 172,822 students were in the 8th grade this year. They are automatically enrolled in the National Assessment, but the number could be lower, because there may be students with unfinished backgrounds at the end of the school year. For the next school year, 130,600 places are allocated for the ninth grade (full-time education) at the national level and 11,000 places for the ninth grade, evening and part-time education, according to the Government Decision approving the figures for the school year 2022-2023. Another 60,000 places are in vocational education.

After the written test in Romanian Language and Literature, on Thursday, June 16, the exam in Mathematics will take place, and on June 17, the test in Mother Tongue.

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