National Assessment 2022. 8th grade students take the written test in Romanian Language and Literature

The students who graduated the 8th grade take today the first test of the National Assessment 2022, the one of Romanian Language and Literature. The exam starts at 9:00, but access to the hall is only allowed until 8:30. After the Romanian language test, on Thursday, June 16, the mathematics test will follow, and on Friday, June 17, the mother tongue test.

Candidates must have a identity card and writing instruments with blue ink or paste for writing written papers. Black pencils can also be used to make diagrams and drawings.

For the Romanian Language test from the 2022 National Assessment, the 8th grade students had training tests available. I also became familiar with the test during the simulation.

Subjects Romanian language in simulation National Assessment 2022

Before today’s test, the students tested their knowledge during the simulation of the 2022 National Assessment exam. ”By Francisc Munteanu. The students had to write an argumentative text of 50-70 words – “Do you think that the open dialogue with the teachers removes or brings the students closer to the understanding of the lessons taught?”. Another subject was a characterization of the character Mr. Preda, from the text of Cezar Petrescu, in 150 words, which would follow a series of indicated elements.

National Assessment 2022. Prohibited objects in the examination room

It is forbidden to introduce in the examination rooms any type of auxiliary materials: textbooks, dictionaries, notes, notes, books, drafts, summaries, collections, etc., which can be used to solve the subjects, as well as mobile phones and electronic instruments. calculation, information storage or communication.

Candidates are also forbidden to bring backpacks, backpacks, bags, purses and the like into the examination room, and candidates are required to leave the said objects in the personal storage room set up by the board of the school / examination center in this purpose. Candidates who refuse to store objects in the room set up by the committee for this purpose will not be accepted for the examination.

Candidates are not allowed to wear them, in clothing or footwear, in penitentiaries or on benches where they are seated in examination rooms. mobile phones, headphones, and any electronic means of computing or communication which allows the connection to the internet, to social networks, for communication with other candidates, assistants from the educational unit (s) / examination center / centers or with the outside.

Candidates are also prohibited from communicating with each other or with the outside world, copying, transmitting materials that allow copying or exchanging worksheets, drafts, notes or other materials that could be used for solving topics, for communication between candidates or with the outside.

National Assessment 2022. When the exam starts

Candidate access in the examination centers it is done in the time interval 8:00 – 8:30 Luggage storage is done in a specially designed room, audio-video monitored.

Before the start of the Romanian Language and Literature test, the candidates will receive, with signature, unique identification codewhich they will use to find out the results after the display.

The evidence, which are monitored audio-video, start at 9:00when candidates receive the subject booklet and stamped draft paper.

In the interval 9:00 – 9:15, students must complete the secret corner of the exam papersubsequently starting to run time actually for solving the topics (120 minutes /180 minutes for special cases).

Candidates wishing to submit their papers before the maximum time allowed for solving the subjects may leave the examination center. at the earliest after one hour from the distribution of subjects in the halls. will keep you updated with all the information about the 2022 National Assessment, the Romanian Language test, subjects and scale, as soon as they are available.

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