Caciu: The package of social and economic measures will bring 1.2-1.5 percentage points of GDP to the budget

The package of social and economic measures will bring between 1.2 and 1.5 percentage points to Romania’s GDP and provides for the adjustment of some facilities, such as the increase of deductions for low-income people, said the Minister of Finance, Adrian Câciu.

“The Ministry of Finance has come up with absolutely all the necessary simulations, so that a decision can be made. I will not give you any other details. So, first we have to make a decision in the Coalition, to be communicated as principles, which we adjust to the Fiscal Code, after which everything is presented. I don’t think it was a solidarity tax, with a certain contribution, if you will, for what the Education system means, the Health system. We all know that we need massive investments in these fields and the debate within the Coalition is about to end “, said Câciu, quoted by Agerpres.

“This adjustment is taking place on two levels, to close this debate or reopen it when the Coalition announces. One – means fiscal consolidation by adjusting facilities or adjustment so that the tax burden is placed fairly, and two – massive digitization and an effort by state institutions to solve their collection problems, recurring problems for 30 years. This package will bring the state budget between 1.2 and 1.5 percentage points of GDP. If you look at an indicator such as GDP, you have a certain figure, if you compare it to the amount actually collected, you have a different result. What we need to emphasize is on debureaucratization, on simplification and digitization of institutions “, said Câciu.

The minister added that a decision on the measures set out in the support package could be taken later this week.

“I hope this week comes with a decision. The discussion that is going on is about very mute adjustments. Adjusting facilities so that they meet the need for economic development, on the one hand, and increasing deductions for low-income people, on the other. Once the Coalition makes its final decision, you will have them. Those with low incomes pay less, that is, lower labor taxes. We are talking in principle. I will not give you any numbers or levels, because we are waiting for the decision to be made. When the decisions are made, they will be communicated and from here on, the real public debate on decisions begins, if you will, and this predictability is six months before the changes “, he added.

The Minister of Finance participates, on Tuesday, in the 5th edition of the international conference “Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum” (CIP Forum V 2022), event organized by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI – Bucharest), at the initiative of IF Idea Factory Think Tank, under the High Patronage of the Chamber of Deputies, with the support of the parliamentary commissions and the ministries with attributions in the field, from Romania.

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