Biden wants to rebuild the American economy around workers.  Republicans accuse them of being far-left politicians

We should encourage unions“said Biden.”I’m not saying this just to be pro-union. I say that because I’m pro-American“, according to AP.

Philadelphia’s AFL-CIO speech was an attempt by the president to reset the terms of the economic debate, as the president’s approval rating fell, while consumer prices and the cost of gasoline skyrocketed.

Inflation, at a peak of more than 40 years, has made voters wary of the economy, despite a recovery from the pandemic-induced recession that has led to strong employment and an unemployment rate of 3, 6%. On Tuesday, the president tried to remind his audience of food queues and layoffs during the coronavirus pandemic that preceded his presidency, contrasting the situation with improving household balance sheets under his tenure.

But even though the economy is rapidly accumulating jobs, inflation has made many workers feel worse because wages have not kept pace with the cost of living. The Labor Department said on Friday that average hourly earnings, after adjusting for inflation, fell by 3% in the last year.

Inflation has made Biden and Democrat control of the House of Representatives and Senate vulnerable in the upcoming midterm elections. Republican lawmakers have accused the president’s $ 1.9 trillion aid package for coronavirus of causing inflation to start rising last year. Republican lawmakers also say the Biden administration has been too restrictive in terms of domestic oil production.

The budgets of working families have taken a back seat to the wish list of the far left“Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said in a speech Monday.

Biden says Republicans are focusing on cutting taxes for companies and the rich. Republicans say their 2017 tax review has created a stronger foundation for growth by lowering corporate tax rates, making U.S. companies more competitive. They say that allowing companies and individuals to keep more of what they earn will drive growth, while Biden counters that laws that allow unionization and increase childcare benefits for families will lead to economic growth through a class of stronger means.

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