A man killed his wife and hid her body for 40 years so he could continue his relationship with his mistress

An 89-year-old pensioner killed his wife in order to continue an adventure and hid her remains in a septic tank for almost 40 years.

David Venables is now on trial for the murder of his wife, Brenda Venables, whom he declared missing on May 4, 1982. Her remains were discovered in 2019 in a septic tank behind the house where the two lived, and Venables was charged with murder in June 2021, reports The Guardian.

The case is being tried in Worcester court, and on Monday prosecutor Michael Burrows said the septic tank was the “perfect hiding place” and allowed Venables to “escape murder” for decades.

Police investigations at the time, which included using a helicopter to check the area and hearing dozens of people, did not shed any light on where Brenda was.

The house where David Venables and his wife lived PHOTO: Profimedia Images

Prior to her disappearance, the woman was suffering from depression, and some acquaintances assumed that she had taken her own life.

Her remains were discovered at the age of 37 after she disappeared after Venables sold her home in Kempsey, Worcestershire to her nephew. He remodeled and emptied the septic tank.

Bones have been found in the tank before, but they were supposed to be animal bones and were dumped. But when the pit was emptied, a human skull was discovered and the police were notified.

DNA tests confirmed that the bones in the tank belonged to Brenda, who was 48 at the time of her disappearance.

Burrows said Venables wanted his wife not to stand in his way and that he could continue his long-standing relationship with Lorraine Styles, whom he had met in 1967, when she worked for Venables’ mother.

Venables and Styles have been in a relationship for over 14 years, which Brenda found out about. In 1981, Venables promised Styles that he would divorce his wife so they could start a new life together, the prosecutor said.

“He wanted to completely exclude her from the equation, in order to resume his affair with another woman. He knew the septic tank was the perfect hiding place. He did not have to travel and make any suspicious trips around his disappearance. Even if someone thought of looking inside the pit, her body could not be seen. “said the prosecutor.

At the time of the so-called disappearance, Venables told police that his wife was depressed, and they remarked over time that “he didn’t seem worried at all and was rather calm. “

Venables denies killing his wife, but investigators say it is impossible for Brenda to have decided to commit suicide by throwing herself into a septic tank. The process will take 6 weeks, during which time samples will be administered.

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