Women in Poland will be required to report if they are pregnant

The Polish Minister of Health has set up an electronic register of pregnant women. This is controversial, given that the law on abortions in Poland is one of the most severe in the European Union.

By establishing an electronic register of pregnant women, the law on abortions in Poland may, indirectly, become even more severe.

In early June, Polish Health Minister Adam Niedzielski issued an ordinance providing for the expansion of the Medical Information System (SIM), including a record of pregnant women.

The first such project, developed last autumn, sparked widespread protests in Poland. Control and coercion are the ideological obsessions of the ruling coalition party, “Justice and Justice” (PiS), criticized Donald Tusk, the leader of the OP opposition platform, the Obywatelska Platform (Civic Platform).

Tomasz Grodzki, his party colleague and president of the Senate, wondered if the number of pregnancies would be compared to the number of births in order to track illegal abortions. Following the criticism, the Minister of Health withdrew the project.

The influence of the Church

However, the ultra-conservative coalition “United Right”, which has been in power since 2015 and consists of the “Justice and Justice” (PiS) and “Solidarity Poland” (SP) parties, has not given up. The influence of the Catholic Church on the Warsaw executive is too great.

The church has made a significant contribution to tightening up abortion regulations, making Poland the state with the strictest law. Termination of pregnancy is allowed only if the woman’s life or health is in danger or if the pregnancy is the result of rape.

Two weeks after the Minister of Health signed the new ordinance, the regulation on the register of pregnancies enters into force. In the first stage, the transmission of information is optional. As of October 1, 2022, it becomes mandatory.

Everything for the good of women

During the debate in the Sejm (Lower House of Parliament), the Deputy Minister of Health, Waldemar Kraska, defended the project: “We are not setting up a register of tasks. We just want doctors to have access to as much information as possible about patients in order to provide them with the best services and to avoid possible malpractice. “

Kraska blamed the Warsaw opposition for “spreading lies”.

“I don’t have to explain to the doctors how important the information is if a patient is pregnant or not,” Kraska added. The register will also include other information such as blood type, allergies or implants “, underlined the Deputy Minister of Health.

According to Wojciech Andrusiewicz, a spokesman for the relevant ministry, the electronic register was set up on the recommendation of the European Commission and could provide sick people with better protection when traveling abroad.

Opposition skepticism

The debate in Parliament was initiated by the group of the left party “Lewica”. According to Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bak, “the register can be used for good or bad purposes.” In the hands of a power that makes women’s lives a hell, which restricts their right to decide on their own body and has banned contraception in emergencies, the database can become a very dangerous tool, the deputy warned.

Barbara Nowaka, from the PO civic platform, is of the opinion that, for fear of power in Warsaw, young Polish women will refuse to become mothers. “It is a tool meant to intimidate,” she said.

Indeed, despite extensive social programs, the birth rate is falling. In February 2022, only 23,000 children were born in Poland – the lowest rate in a month since World War II.

“It’s not a second El Salvador”

In a normal country, said Michal Gramatyka of the opposition party “Poland 2050”, such a register would be a good idea. Not in Poland! Gramatyka refers to the growing power of the Warsaw control apparatus. “How can we believe that only doctors will have access to this database?” He said.

The liberal left-wing publication Gazeta Wyborcza tried to reassure women. The author of the editorial on the new regulation writes that women are not threatened with punishment in the event of a miscarriage or induced abortion. “If the register was designed as a means of pressure, then it will have no effect. Despite the efforts of organizations opposed to women’s suffrage, Poland is not a second El Salvador. “

In El Salvador, a woman who loses her child risks up to 30 years in prison. According to the law in force in Poland, women who perform abortions illegally are not punished. Only those who help or persuade them to escape are liable to imprisonment.

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