The Venezuelan opposition leader was captured and beaten by Nicolas Maduro's men

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized as the country’s interim president by the United States government, was captured and beaten by members of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party, Nicolas Maduro’s party, writes DW.

Juan Guaido says he was “ambushed” by members of the ruling party on Saturday. Guaido, who claims to be in charge of the country’s legitimate government, accused Maduro’s party of attacking him. He says he was “hit and insulted” by Maduro’s men.

In the videos that have appeared on social media, several men can be seen screaming and gesturing at Guaido before hitting and pushing him, while a general commotion starts around.

In another photo, Guaido appears held by a man in front of a crowd, while another tears his shirt.

According to known information, Guaido was attacked at a maternity hospital in San Carlos, the capital of the state of Cojedes, in northwestern Venezuela. He was there meeting with people from a rural community.

In a subsequent post on social media, Guaido named two people he says can be clearly identified in photos and videos.

“Those who attacked me today, these members of the regime’s party, should take responsibility,” Guaido said.

“They will not be able to take us off the streets. We will honor our commitment to free elections. I am moving forward and there is no way to stop me, “the Venezuelan opposition leader added.

What’s going on in Venezuela

After a series of controversial elections in 2018, following which Nicolas Maduro was declared re-elected as President, Guaido, then Speaker of Parliament, declared himself interim President of the country, saying that the elections were rigged, so they are invalid.

The United States and the United Kingdom recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president, to the detriment of Maduro, the country’s de facto president. The European Union recognized him in this position until January 2021 when he “demoted” him to the position of “privileged interlocutor”.

Guaido is currently chairing the National Assembly, a committee of lawmakers who say they are the country’s legitimate elected officials and that the 2018 and 2020 elections have been rigged.

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