Mihai, a 72-year-old senior user, suffers from Parkinson’s disease and other comorbidities, including hypertension, sleep problems, arthritis. His wife, Elena, 70 years old, is the one who takes care of him, but he faces many difficulties, because she also suffers from a mild cognitive impairment and a lot of stress, and her husband’s medical condition has deteriorated. The two would like to be informed about the evolution of neurodegenerative diseases, to be able to easily communicate with palliative health and care professionals, as well as to learn what exercises or treatments they could follow daily to improve their condition.

This custom interaction model is now offered by PROCare4Lifethe European research and development project of which Romania is also a part, through three local partners: the company Software Imagination and Vision (SIMAVI), the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest and the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest.

PROCare4Life will improve the quality of life of the elderly

This interesting project proposes an interactive and integrated care ecosystem for neurodegenerative diseases, adaptable to other chronic diseases.

Using smart watch sensor monitoring, the PROCare4Life team tracks Mihai’s behavioral habits, detects symptoms relevant to the main disease, but also monitors his hypertension.

Mihai’s neurologist and therapist receive reports on the evolution of the disease and can make the best decisions about the prescribed medications or recommend exercises and then monitor the functioning of the motor skills. The ecosystem will thus benefit all users, from patients to caregivers to healthcare professionals.

And the interaction with the application is fun. The application will provide a personalized and interactive template through Games, which will help the user to adopt healthy habits, maintain daily routines and follow tips to maintain and improve their health.

For Elena, this means daily cognitive training, recommended and adapted to her needs through exercises and games.

How it works

The ProCare4Life solution is divided into two subsystems: the basic level, a series of sensors that collect patient status data, and the high-level subsystem, which includes services that store, process, and provide feedback on the data collected.

SIMAVI deals with the cyber security of the platform and the communication services. The Romanian software company also offers expertise in integration and implementation. This is not the first eHealth project of the company, the IT specialists from SIMAVI with over 15 years of experience in digitalization projects in the field of health.

First of all, Romanian IT professionals will make sure that access to the high-level subsystem is secure and that no unauthorized person can access the application. All users must go through a dedicated level of security, whether they are patients or clinical staff.

Secondly, SIMAVI develops social and communication services. In the application installed on the phone, we have a text-based chat, through which patients and doctors can talk to each other. The app also communicates with its users via email and in-app notifications. Either way, users can access information as soon as it’s available, whether it’s a new application-generated report or some medical news from doctors.


The consortium provides comprehensive coverage of scientific, technological, clinical and social expertise to increase the chances of project success. It has 14 partners from six EU countries, in addition to those mentioned above, in Romania: Asociacion Parkinson Madrid, Universidad Politenica De Madrid, Universiteit Maastricht, Westfaelische Wilhelmsuniversirtaet Muenster, Casa Di Cura Privata del Policlinico SPA, ATOS SPAIN SA, Stelar Security Technology Law Research UG, Wohlfahrtswerk fur Badenwurttemburg, International Foundation for Integrated Care IFIC, LDA and Kinetikos – Driven Solutions LDA (coordinator). The project is funded by the European Commission through the research and innovation program “Horizon 2020” under ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), through grant agreement no. 875221. It started in January 2020 and will run for a period of three years.

This article was produced with the support of Software Imagination & Vision

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