Search for a British journalist.  Two bodies were found in the Amazon jungle

Search teams found two bodies in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil while searching for a British reporter and a Brazilian expert, The Guardian reported on Monday, citing a relative of the journalist informed by a Brazilian diplomat.

On Sunday, Brazilian police said search teams found the belongings of reporter Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, a former official of the Funai Indigenous Agency, in a creek near the river where they were last seen on June 5.

The Brazilian ambassador to London told Paul Sherwood, Phillips’ brother-in-law, that authorities were working to identify the two bodies, which were found tied to a tree near the river, according to The Guardian.

The two men were reporting in the remote area of ​​the jungle that hosts the largest number of uncontacted natives in the world. The wilderness has attracted numerous gangs of drug traffickers and smugglers, along with loggers, miners and illegal hunters.

Brazilian news site G1 reported on Monday that search teams found the bodies, citing the journalist’s Brazilian wife. However, the bodies have not yet been identified, journalists said.

Also Monday, federal police announced that the information according to which the bodies of the two were found is incorrect. So far, only biological materials and objects of the missing men have been found, police said.

More than 100 natives, many of them wearing body paint and helmets, marched Monday in the riverside town of Atalaia do Norte near the body of the bodies to demand better treatment of the people. indigenous and justice for the two men.

The news of the two’s disappearances echoed worldwide, and environmentalists and human rights activists urged Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to step up their search.

Bolsonaro, who last year faced tough questions from Phillips at a press conference on weakening environmental law enforcement in Brazil, said last week that the two men “went on an adventure that is not recommended.” suggested that they could have been executed.

State police detectives involved in the investigation told Reuters that they were focusing on poachers and illegal fishermen in the area, who often came into conflict with Pereira while he was patrolling the local reservation.

Police have arrested a fisherman, Amarildo da Costa, known as “Pelado”, on charges of possession of a weapon and in his custody while investigating the case. denied having played a role in the disappearance of the men.

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