Raed Arafat defends the cross buoys.  "They have a much smaller impact than watching a drowning man take off"

The head of DSU, Raed Arafat, reacts in the controversy of the cross buoys donated by the SMURD Foundation to be placed in the waters of the Black Sea, in the seaside resorts. After lifeguards complained that they were unsightly and potentially dangerous, Arafat said it was more traumatic for tourists to see a drowned man being pulled out of the water and resurrected than to see a cross-shaped buoy.

“We tried to do something to increase the prevention of drowning during the summer season. A project conceived two years ago by specialists and financed by non-governmental funds, which aims to signal, in a very visible way, the dangerous areas where several drownings have taken place in recent years “, Arafat wrote on Facebook.

“In order to be visible and attract attention, it could not be a small floating ball, requiring greater visibility when approaching the danger zone. The idea of ​​a red cross can be interpreted in many ways, but it signals the danger from a distance, and as you get closer to it, you can read the warning text, drawing your attention that you are already very close to danger. ”He continued.

Arafat specified that there are 5 cross-shaped buoys, 2 of which are destined for Mamaia resort, one for Eforie Nord / Eforie Sud, one for Vama Veche and one for Saturn.

“Surely seeing a red buoy with a cross at a distance has a much smaller impact than seeing under your nose and your children’s how a drowning man is rescued by lifeguards and firefighters and then trying to bring him back to life in public. by SMURD and Ambulance crews. It is far more traumatic for an adult, and especially for a child, to see a resurrected person and a person declared dead than to see a distant buoy warning the adventurers, for the last time, before turning into a drowning person. rescued, drowned resurrected, with or without sequelae, or in a deceased person “, wrote Arafat.

The statement comes after several lifeguards said they were outraged by these buoys and said they refused to place them in the water.

“This is not a way to make people understand that sea water is dangerous. Just respect the water and what the lifeguard says and walk quietly after a nice vacation, not to see crosses 5 meters from your sheet as it swings in the water “, says Gabriel Bălan, president of the Lifeguards Association.

“It simply came to our notice then. If it’s a wave and the wave takes you in that, you can cut yourself, you can hit yourself! ”, He adds.

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