Mayor Ciucu announces the disappearance of samsars in Sector 6: For space samsaris it is a game stop

“Goodbye, you trade tricksters!” The spaces put up for auction by the City Hall of Sector 6 will no longer be able to be sublet at prices of 2, 3, even 4 times higher “, announced the City Hall of Sector 6, in a press release.

According to the quoted document, a space rented from the City Hall with 385 euros + VAT was subleased with 1,400 euros + VAT. Another, rented for 555 euros, was subleased to 4 other beneficiaries for 1,000 euros each.

“Until now, the public and private domain under the administration of the Local Council of Sector 6 did not benefit from a legal framework that would regulate the possibility of renting it through the public tender procedure. Out of the total spaces under the administration of the City Hall of Sector 6, 149 are rented. Of these, 35 are subleased. At least that is known, because, through the old signed contracts, the tenants do not have the obligation to announce if and when they sublet. The practice of renting space from the state and subleasing them further at higher prices will disappear in Sector 6 of the Capital. From now on, each lease will contain strict rules and will be approved by the Local Council “, announces the City Hall of Sector 6.

Thus, the minimum value of the rent will be established only on the basis of an evaluation report, prepared by an authorized appraiser ANEVAR. The land or building subject to the lease will then be put up for public auction. The winner of the auction will conclude a contract which clearly specifies the identification data and the inventory value of the rented property, its destination, the duration of the rental, the minimum rental price and the framework contract containing the mandatory contractual clauses. In this way, the principles of transparency, competition will be ensured, the environment will be protected and equal opportunities will be ensured for all interested economic agents, according to the quoted source.

“This project eliminates intermediaries, tricks from the trade. Whoever wants to have a business pays directly, through an open public auction, at the City Hall of Sector 6. Goodbye to the smart guys with the subleases, that there were some who had a lot of commercial space. They took public goods from us and passed them on, keeping a profit. From now on, every lease will go through the Local Council. For commercial space samsarii it is a game stop. For us, it means transparency, money directly in the local budget and a plus for the community. It’s just a state of normalcy that will start today! “, Declared the mayor of Sector 6, Ciprian Ciucu.

The first leases expire this month – one on June 14, another on June 30, 2022. These will have to be renewed on the new terms voted by the city councilors. Another 5 contracts expire by the end of the year.

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