Klaus Iohannis thanked the Romanians for his birthday wishes

President Klaus Iohannis turned 63 on Monday, June 13, 2022. Iohannis was congratulated on Facebook by several Romanians, and there he also thanked them for their wishes.

“Thank you for the good thoughts and I wish you all good health!” The president wrote.

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Klaus Iohannis is the fourth president of Romania elected after December 1989.

A member of an old Transylvanian Saxon family, Klaus Iohannis was born on June 13, 1959, in Sibiu, according to presidency.ro. He has been married since 1989 to Carmen Iohannis, an English teacher at a prestigious high school in Sibiu.

Klaus Iohannis attended the German school in Sibiu, the “Samuel von Brukenthal” High School in the same city, and in 1978 he was admitted to the Faculty of Physics at the “Babeș Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca. In 1983, he started teaching as a teacher at several schools in the vicinity of Sibiu, and five years later he taught physics, together with his former teachers, at the high school he had graduated from. After the Revolution, he chose to stay in Romania, in Sibiu, although his parents and sister decided to emigrate.

He began his political career in 1990, when he became a member of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDGR), which he later led for more than a decade. At the end of the ’90s, after 15 years of teaching, Klaus Iohannis became the leader of the county education in Sibiu, an extremely important stage for shaping his public profile.

In 2000, he was nominated as a candidate by the FDGR in the elections for Sibiu City Hall, which he won with over 70% of the vote. Klaus Iohannis continued to be the first choice of the people of Sibiu, winning, with impressive scores, four consecutive terms as mayor.

During his second term as mayor, Sibiu became, in 2007, the “European Capital of Culture”, along with Luxembourg. This project gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his professionalism and leadership qualities. When he left Sibiu City Hall, Klaus Iohannis left a city admired at European level, with almost non-existent unemployment, clean, prosperous and attractive.

Klaus Iohannis entered “big politics” in 2009, when he was nominated for the post of Prime Minister by a broad parliamentary coalition. Although this chance did not materialize, it has since become a well-known figure and a hope for those who wanted a “different” Romania.

In February 2013, he decided to join the National Liberal Party (PNL), being soon elected First Vice President. A year later, he was voted President of the PNL by the Congress of the Liberal Party and nominated as a candidate for the position of President of Romania. During all this time, he was one of the architects of the creation of the largest center-right party since 1989.

On November 16, 2014, Klaus Iohannis was elected President of Romania, gaining the trust of Romanians with a vision – Romania of a job well done – about how our country should evolve in the next ten years. Five years later, Klaus Iohannis ran for a new term in the 2019 presidential election, with the Together for Normal Romania program. In the November 24, 2019 election, he won the election with 66.09% of the total valid votes cast.

President Klaus Iohannis has received numerous state awards and prestigious international awards for his contribution to the promotion of democratic values, transparency, the rule of law and the fight against corruption, such as the Aachen Charlemagne Prize (2020), the ” Otto the Great ”of Magdeburg (2020), the European Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize (Coudenhove-Kalergi European Society, 2020), the Franz Josef Strauss Prize (Hanns Seidel Foundation, 2018), the Light Unto the Nations Prize ( American Jewish Committee, 2017) or the “Martin Buber” plaque (Euriade Foundation, 2016).

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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