HOROSCOPE June 13.  Mercury enters Gemini.  Second chance at relationships

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Aries

Mercury returns to the communication house in your general horoscope, which helps you interact better with those around you. Downgrading this planet has helped you re-evaluate your values, figure out how best to position yourself in relation to your interlocutors based on your social context and your relationship with them, so that you get what you want. you want it from the conversations you have with others. So this is a green signal to go back to those discussions that haven’t led anywhere lately.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Taurus

Mercury returns to the house of money and values ​​in your solar horoscope, which is why you will manage your budget much better during this period, as well as the financial opportunities that come your way. The downgrade of this planet has helped you realize their importance, but at the same time, you are aware that the appearance of money is not what defines you, that it does not have to change the way you think about yourself. when things don’t seem to be going the way you want them to. In the future, you will have a lot to gain from this perspective.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Gemini

Mercury stops in the sign of your birth, which enhances your innate socialization and communication skills. Lately, due to the demotion of this planet, you may have encountered some dilemmas regarding yourself, it may have been difficult for you to process some things related to the past or some less pleasant episodes that happened some time ago, but it is obvious that you have tried to answer these questions and that you have more confidence in yourself. The way you interact with others shows that you know each other better and have strong expectations from others.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Cancer

Mercury returns to the house of the subconscious in your general astrogram, which means that you return to that process of reconnection with your inner voice that you began and interrupted some time ago. For you, the demotion of this planet has brought all sorts of things, from the fact that you reevaluated some plans for the future or even your friends to some long-awaited waivers. Now is the time to draw the necessary conclusions and free your instincts from those patterns that constrain you, from the consequences of some regrets or frustrations that have persisted.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Leo

Mercury returns to the house of future plans and social life in your solar astrogram, a sign that your projects and people with whom you share ideals and visions are becoming an important concern for you. After relegating to this planet, you are more confident about what you want to achieve in the long run, what status you have and what you are working for, so you have more confidence in yourself and your dreams. It also helps that you know what risks are worth taking and when to stop to re-evaluate your possibilities and options.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Virgo

Mercury returns to the career house in your general horoscope, which is why your focus becomes the professional sector in the next period. During the demise of this planet, you became more aware of your lack of experience and knowledge, and you even managed to eliminate some of them. Now is the time to demonstrate these things to your superiors and other influential people in the professional field, who can help you with opportunities to get closer to the goals you have set in the company you work for or in your general field of work. activity.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Libra

Mercury is beginning to move through the house of philosophy of life, study, travel, and interaction with state institutions, so that if lately, during its demotion, some associated activities such as travel, exams, or counter visits have been postponed. or stopped for one reason or another, now you have another chance to successfully engage in these activities. You’ve also come to terms with important life lessons, and now you know when and how to apply them so that you don’t have to deal with some of the less-than-pleasant events that have occurred in the past.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Scorpio

Mercury is once again entering the house of money and relationships in your solar horoscope, so many of your conversations with those you work with and / or your life partner will focus on finances in the future. During the recent demotion of this planet, you realized that you need to be firm about some issues, including money, and you need to be more flexible about others. ). This will help you a lot in the future and will be good for your relationship, because you will not give up certain things that are important to you.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Sagittarius

Mercury stops again in the house of partnerships in your general astrogram, which means that the relationship with your partner and / or those you work with comes to your attention. You realize, during his demotion, how much work this involves and that you have to invest more time and effort in them to evolve in the direction you want. Starting today, you can start by communicating more often with the other person, by being more receptive to his ideas. On a solid basis like this you can reach a satisfactory consensus together.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Capricorn

Mercury is starting to move again through the work and health house in your solar astrogram, a sign that your professional sector and well-being should be among your priorities during this period. During your demotion, you saw how important it is to take more care of yourself and your needs, to enjoy the little things in everyday life, and now it’s time to apply those things. In this way, you will be able to perform at work and you will still have energy for your leisure worries.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Aquarius

Mercury re-enters the house of love and children in your general horoscope, an indication that this period is about your life partner and / or your little ones. You may have experienced some communication problems as this planet has recently been relegated through this house, but you have also learned valuable lessons about how to relate not only to the family you have founded, but also to and to those in the family of origin. So the solution is to talk about how you feel and to encourage others to do the same.

HOROSCOPE June 13 – Pisces

Mercury stops again in the family house in your solar horoscope, a sign that your loved ones should be among your interests during this period. You haven’t communicated very effectively lately during the demise of this planet, but things are slowly starting to change for the better, and this can be seen. It’s as if you’re approaching the differences in vision and / or personality between you and your loved ones differently, and you’re not trying to change things that you know you can’t do. After all, you can build healthy compromises on a shared basis.

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