George Simion is getting married like Zelea Codreanu.  "I am waiting for all Romanians.  Come in a popular shirt "

AUR leader George Simion announces that he is getting married in two months. He invites “all Romanians” to his wedding. “Come in a popular shirt,” Simion wrote on Facebook. Leader of a party classified as “extremist”, the AUR leader seems to be inspired by the leader of the Legionary Movement, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, including his wedding. Almost 100 years ago, Zelea Codreanu organized her wedding in a forest near Focșani, an event attended by, according to the weather, between 80,000 and 100,000 people.

George Simion announced on Facebook that he wants “all Romanians” to attend his wedding.

“I expect all Romanians to rejoice with me. The greatest joy for me is if you will be present. Come in a popular shirt! ”, Wrote Simion. In another message, he announces that the wedding will take place on August 27 in the village of Oveselu in Vâlcea: “I know it is far for some of you, but we organize ourselves by coach from each county. I wasn’t kidding: I’m waiting for you all. (…) It is important for me to come, not gifts or anything else. It is mandatory to come in a traditional shirt “, the AUR leader also wrote.

Almost 100 years ago, on June 14, 1925, the one who would become the leader of the Legionary Movement, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, married Elena Ilinoiu in Focșani. At the wedding, according to the weather, between 80,000 and 100,000 people came.

“Codreanu’s wedding took place in Crâng. The assistance consisted of tens of thousands of people (between 80,000 and 100,000). Corneliu Codreanu and his young wife Elena appeared in a well-decorated ox-drawn cart. The wedding was organized in the open air, it was summer and the weather was very beautiful “, according to a testimony, recorded by Historia magazine.

Zelea Codreanu did not accidentally choose Focașani to organize her wedding. None of the bride and groom had any connection with the Vrancea area, but the event was intended to be an image exercise. Here, in the same year, his trial began in the famous case of the assassination of the prefect of Iasi, Constantin Manciu, at the end of which he was acquitted.

About the wedding, Zelea Codreanu later wrote that “a horse was brought to me – that was the schedule – and after I rode past the bride’s house, I started in front of a column outside the city, in Crâng. On the side of the road, on either side of the world, there were children through the trees, and on the road my godparents came after me, in ornate carriages (…) Then came the bride’s chariot with six oxen, adorned with flowers. Then other weddings. A total of 2,300 carts, cars and cars, all loaded with flowers and people dressed in national costumes. I had reached 7 km. of the city, in Crâng and the tail of the column had not yet left Focşani. The wedding was celebrated in Crâng on a specially prepared plank stage. 80-100,000 people were present. After the religious service, the choir, the games and the party began. Then came the table lying on the green grass. “

The following year after the wedding, in 1926, hoping that he managed to catch the public, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu ran for deputy in Focsani from the National-Christian Defense League, a nationalist and anti-Semitic political party in Romania, but not he managed to win a seat in Parliament.

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