Crosses instead of buoys, on the Seaside.  Arafat says "the impact is less than if the little ones see the victims"

“I committed it again! We have tried to do something to increase the prevention of drowning during the summer season. A project designed two years ago by specialists and funded by non-governmental funds, which aims to signal, in a very visible way, the dangerous areas where several drownings have taken place in recent years. In order to be visible and attract attention, it could not be a small floating ball, requiring greater visibility as you approach the danger zone. The idea of ​​a red cross can be interpreted in many ways, but it signals the danger from a distance, and as you get closer to it you can read the warning text even more, pointing out that you are already very close to danger. ” , writes, on Monday, on Facebook, the head of DSU, Dr. Raed Arafat.

He criticizes those who disagree with this way of signaling the danger and says that instead of “following the trend of criticism” they should be interested in saving lives and implementing innovative methods that are likely to new methods a few lives to be saved.

“A” specialist “from the Lifeguard Association said that” we cannot crucify the Black Sea coast “! However, the situation is different: in total, the number of buoys is 5 distributed as follows: two in Mamaia, one in Eforie Nord / Eforie Sud, one in Vama Veche and one in Saturn. Surely seeing a red buoy with a cross at a distance has a much smaller impact than seeing under your nose and your children how a drowning is removed by lifeguards and firefighters and then trying to bring it back to life in public by to SMURD and Ambulance crews. It is far more traumatic for an adult, and especially for a child, to see a resurrected person and a deceased person than to see a distant buoy that warns adventurers, for the last time, before turning into a drowned person. rescued, drowned resurrected, with or without sequelae, or in a deceased “, writes Arafat.

The DSU chief also says the attacks are “unfounded” for such initiatives.

The cross-shaped buoys were donated by the SMURD Foundation to lifeguards on the Romanian coast.

Of course, the reactions of Internet users were not long in coming.

“I say put a floating coffin. A brilliant new idea! I also propose the replacement of the signs to give way to the crossing of intersections with crosses “, writes an internet user. “For many of us it doesn’t matter, we can’t afford to reach the Romanian coast, we prefer to go where it is cheaper, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey”, comments a Romanian. “You can take one out of the water and put it next to your head,” says another.

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