Basarab Passage, not received even 11 years after its inauguration, is full of rust.  What the Capital City Hall says

Left to the fate of the leaders of Bucharest for the last 11 years, the Basarab passage, the widest hoban bridge in Europe, is full of rust. The dust and the intermodal station are easily and quickly chosen. Weeds have sprung up on the platforms, trams are no longer running, and out of four escalators, none are working. And the elevators have problems: two are good, two are bad, and the rust has started to erode their cabins.

At the beginning, Băsescu made Oprescu great, but nobody ever wanted to adopt him, to adopt him. Basarab Passage is already 11 years old, it cost 240 million euros, it is the largest urban infrastructure project in Romania, carrying thousands of tons per day, but it is at the mercy of fate and rust.

The rust stained him on both the left and the right. The drainpipes are also rusted, and the intermodal station above the train tracks has become a frozen and wild public toilet. The tram has not been running on the passage for some time. The rails have rusted, weeds have sprouted through the floor tiles, the escalators are defective. The elevator cabins also rusted. However, out of four, two work. Sometimes none.

The people of Bucharest harshly judge the situation:

“It simply came to our notice then. It smells like … it smells like c … t here. So that’s what you can say: I don’t think so. Thank you very much! ”Says an angry young man.

“Mockery! The lanes don’t work, the elevators don’t work, the tram doesn’t work. For a year and a few days to stay with the line … something like that … ”, comments another Bucharest resident.

“There is no cleaning. And those guards who are down there, when I close the elevators, when I open them … It’s … ”, says a woman, who no longer continues her sentence, but makes a gesture of hatred.

This is because Basarab Passage is not the responsibility of anyone. The works were never received, and because of this no one repairs what breaks, no one removes rust, no one helps the bridge with anything.

The Capital City Hall claims that the passage is in good condition: “We emphasize that these are not major failures that could endanger traffic safety,” the City Hall said in a statement.

Regarding the adoption of the passage with documents and its transfer to the responsibility of someone to take care of it, the Municipality claims that that day will come: “Bucharest City Hall will conclude a new contract for the technical expertise of Basarab Passage, given that old expertise has expired. After its completion and the execution of the necessary remedies, the acceptance procedure will be started at the end of the works, according to the legislation in force ”, the City Hall transmitted.

That’s about it, and if something bad happens to him in the meantime … no one will answer.

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