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Thanks to Dr. Stanislav Rurac! I was very lucky to get to SANADOR Hospital, although I had no serious signs that my heart health was in any way threatened. After consulting me, the doctor quickly suggested to me, with great professional intuition, a thorough examination. It strengthened my confidence in his professional and human quality, when he decided to intervene to perform bypasses and mount an aortic prosthesis. ” This is how the story of Radu begins, the patient who benefited, at the SANADOR Clinical Hospital, from an intervention of cardiovascular surgery which restored him to health and helped him to enjoy life again.

One of myocardial revascularization strategies is coronary artery bypass grafting, a surgical procedure with excellent long-term results. In Radu’s case, being diagnosed with both ischemic heart disease and close aortic stenosis, the team led by Dr. Stanislav Rurac, the head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department at the SANADOR Clinical Hospital, realized aortic valve prosthesis with biological valve and double aortocoronary bypassat the same time operator.

Everything went perfectly, exactly, flawlessly in the operating room and then at ATI, in the salon. It was proof that Dr. Rurac is based on an exceptional team of professionals, a team that I felt permanently close to me even after I returned to the normality of daily life. Once again, thank you because now I can start gardening again, at almost 80 years old, that is, to administer the “medicine” that continues what Dr. Rurac managed to do in the operating room “, says Radu , glad that thanks to the exceptional medical team and the technology used, he was able to benefit from a quick and easy recovery.

The success of this intervention does not surprise anyone: at the Clinical Hospital Sanad, cardiovascular surgery teams have extensive operating experience and perform advanced treatment of heart disease and large vessels through complex interventions. The team led by Dr. Stanislav Rurac performs a whole series of minimally invasive cardiac surgery by mini-thoracotomy, along with classic cardiac surgery and vascular surgery. To these are added hybrid interventions carried out together with colleagues from the Department of Interventional Cardiology.

For the optimal performance of these particularly complex cardiovascular surgeries, which require safe perioperative care, cardiovascular surgeons from SANADOR benefit from the support provided by the Department of Intensive Care for Cardiovascular Surgery. This department, equipped with modern equipment, ensures optimal conditions for post-intervention recovery and benefits from anesthetists with extensive experience.

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