What conditions will Elena Udrea have in the penitentiary where she will be imprisoned

Elena Udrea will be brought to the country in the next few days, after the Bulgarian judiciary decided to extradite her. She will benefit in penitentiary of the same conditions that the other women-detainees have, states sindicated in penitentiaryeafter the former minister complained in court in Bulgaria about the conditions in Romanian prisons.

Elena Udrea has to serve six years in prison, being definitively convicted in the “Gala Bute” case. The day the sentence was to be handed down, the former tourism minister left the country, but was detained in Bulgaria, on the border with Greece, at the request of the Romanian authorities. After almost two months of legal proceedings, the Bulgarian judiciary ruled on June 10 that Elena Udrea should be extradited.

What is the extradition procedure?

The extradition procedure stipulates that within a maximum of 10 days from the pronouncement of the decision, the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice must contact the Romanian Ministry and send the decision given by the judges. In addition, Bulgarian magistrates must sThe way in which the former minister will arrive in Romania. There are two options at the moment: either the Bulgarian police bring Elena Udrea to the border, and from there she is taken over by the Romanian officers, or the Romanian police will go to Sofia and take her directly from custody.

Once in Romania, Elena Udrea will be imprisoned at the Târgșorul Nou Penitentiary near Ploiești, being a prison dedicated to women. She will remain in quarantine for 21 days, after which she will be imprisoned along with the other detainees.

The trade unionists from penitentiarye (FSANP – Federation of Trade Unions of the National Administration of Penitentiaries) states in a statement that the former minister will have at his disposal a space of at least 4 square meters, permanent drinking water and hot water with schedule.

At the same time, Elena Udrea will be able to take walks in the open air every day for two hours or even three hours, if she does not opt ​​for a work regime.

It is not excluded that the former minister falls into the category of people in need of protection, which would mean that she will either be imprisoned alone or with women who have committed similar acts and would be guarded by several police officers. penitentiary.

“The status of a person in need of protection means participating in all activities in the penitentiary (including work – if the former politician opts for this possibility) with ensuring the necessary degree of protection, both in terms of human dignity and self-confidence,” he said. the union of penitentiary workers.

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Târgșorul Nou Penitentiary near Ploiești is a prison for women Photo: anp.gov.ro

What a room in the women’s penitentiary looks like

The detention rooms provide each person with a single bed, they are equipped with specific furniture, heating installations and sanitary utilities, so that each detainee has permanent access to drinking water and daily hot water, unrestricted and permanent access to groups and facilities. to meet the physiological needs and other gender-specific needs, whenever necessary, in conditions of hygiene and privacy.

The holding spaces are arranged so as to allow natural and artificial lighting as well as their optimal ventilation. In each room there are tables for serving food, shelves for storing products, hangers and benches, and in the bathroom there are shelves for storing shoes. The other durable goods are kept in the penitentiary warehouse where the detainees have access according to the established schedule.

The bathrooms are equipped with sink, shower, mirror, shelf and toilet bowl, compartmentalized so as to ensure the privacy of the persons in custody. Toilets are separated from the bathroom by PVC doors, with natural ventilation through a window.

Access to drinking water is ensured permanently, by connecting the Ploiești-Târgșorul Nou Penitentiary to its own authorized source. The quality of the water is periodically certified by analysis bulletins, the purpose being that the values ​​correspond to the norms in force.

Hot water is distributed to all holding sections, dailywithin the time limit set by the program approved by the director of the place of detention.

Elena Udrea will have provided barracks items (mattress, bed linen, blanket and pillow), according to the existing regulations and valid for all convicted persons in the system.

The Federation of Trade Unions of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (FSANP) considers that Elena Udrea will benefit, in prison, much better conditions than the elderly in nursing homes, children in orphanages and the sick in hospitals in the network of the Ministry of Health, social categories that currently settle , millions of euros stolen by the former politician“, Conclude at the end of the communiqué the unionists from FSNAP.

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