Ion Cristoiu: According to the press, another pillar of democracy - civil society - turns out to be made of rubber and not concrete

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, at 6 p.m., two NGOs called on civil society to hold a protest rally against National Security Laws under the title Freedom! No Censorship and Security!

The initiative of this protest was a double premiere.

1. This is the first TeFeList rally against Klaus Iohannis since he took over the presidency. There were many rallies against Klaus Iohannis after his installation in Cotroceni. However, all of them were initiatives of organizations close to PSD or, more recently, to AUR. Until recently, there was a partnership between Klaus Iohannis and what is called civil society. On the one hand, the civil society supports Klaus Iohannis in the war with the PSD majority of Liviu Dragnea. The civil society organized and supported the protests in Victoriei Square against the possibility (never become a reality) of adopting a GEO on Justice. Civil society created the moment of August 10, 2018, the beginning of the fall of PSD in the polls and the break-up of the governing coalition so as to create the premises for the coming to power of the Ludovic Orban Government. Civil society was the instrument of keeping the PSD Power in check during the time of Liviu Dragnea. Whatever seemed to be an attempt to deviate from EU rules was quickly taken over by a vast network of over a hundred thousand NGOs, most of them made up of a few people, often husband and wife or lover. other evidence is that there is participation in an online petition in connection with a fact on which the NGO had been warned to make a fuss. Those who claimed to be influencers of civil society were part of this network. These are actors, singers, publicists, writers whose Facebook posts have miraculously gone viral, quickly taken over by the regime, Dig 24.

In turn, the civil society network benefited from the support of Klaus Iohannis through the System. The system ensured the viralization of anti-PSD posts and especially the position of influencers granted to people who were not all personalities in the field. Klaus Iohannis also took part in the anti-Dragnea protests with the legendary red jacket, although the Constitution did not allow him such an adventure. In some circumstances, the civil society was summoned to Cotroceni as Klaus Iohannis’ secret adviser.

But now, as evidenced by the influence of some influencers, but also by the press of the civil society, the TeFeLiştii organized an anti-Iohannis rally, accusing him of the National Security Laws.

2. More importantly, the protest, as announced by the two NGOs, brought civil society to its core. As a defender of democracy, of individual rights, as a fighter against any attempt by the Power, regardless of its political color, to slip away from the rule of law, tempted by militarization, by dictatorial authority.

The special significance makes the initiative of the two NGOs, supported by the G4 Media website, the first authentic action of the civil society, exempted from the suspicion of setting up by the System, as happened with other protests in Victoriei Square, more precisely the against PSD’s policy in the field of Justice. With the theme of the tendencies of militarization and serenity of the country coming from the Right Power, of Klaus Iohannis in particular, the rally received the significance of a demonstration that the civil society is authentic, independent in its actions, principal when it comes to derailment from the state. Right.

The initiative was to be examined by reality. A reality consisting in the number of participants, in the presence of some personalities of the civil society and especially in the atmosphere created around the initiative.

But the rally was a disaster.

Reduced participation of several dozen people, the absence of prominent personalities of street movements (except for Tudor Chirilă and Oana Gheorgiu), the silence of news television, obviously orderly.

Let us remember the thousands of participants in the protests against the interference of the PSD Power in Justice, the campaigns carried out before any rally by civil society influencers, the on-site broadcasts by websites, television news, blogs.

It was said at the time that the success of the protests was based on the intervention of the System:

From imposing goals to ensuring a huge presence, going through the viralization of pro-meeting posts.

The protest on Saturday, June 11, 2022 had all the details to avoid such suspicions. It was a protest against the system. Unless he boycotted it, the system was not involved in organizing it.

And this protest, ultimately genuine, of civil society was a disaster.

Conclusion of the conclusions:

Although the number of NGOs is over one hundred thousand, Romania does not have a genuine civil society.

It has a so-called civil society created by the System and used by the System to get involved in the country’s politics as a civil society.

It is the unsettling conclusion of the disastrous failure of the protest action on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

According to the press, another pillar of democracy – civil society – turns out to be made of rubber and not concrete.

One with huge significance both for the Klaus Iohannis regime and for the current state of Romanian society.

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