How women invest in the stock market compared to how men invest

Female leadership and diversity on boards have brought significant benefits over the years, both to the organizational culture and to the development and innovation of a business. Also, to identify the most promising actions of tomorrow, Investors need to evaluate the processes and culture with which a company operates, and determine who owns the future of the business environment. “The diversity of thinking, skills and experience are the hallmarks of a company that is willing to evolve, adopt new ideas and react creatively to future challenges. All these features are of proven importance for long-term success, ”said Dr. Hedva Ber, Deputy CEO and Global COO of the eToro trading platform, quoted by Business Magazine.

Four out of five female investors believe they will reach their desired retirement income if they continue with their current investment strategy, and almost 20% say they will achieve their goal in the next five years, according to the eToro 2022 Female Investors Survey. investment goals and strategies of 9,500 women global investor, conducted in early February.

Women tend to use their investments as a lever through which they can secure their future, while having the opportunity to increase their income and create a net fortune. Of the respondents, 72% invest at least once a month and, overall, 16% invest a third or more of their monthly income. “As for why they started investing, they did it to generate extra income (…) More than a fifth (22%) cite long-term security as the main reason why they started investing. started this journey. For 21% of them, obtaining financial independence to retire earlier is the number one motivation “, explains the eToro representative.

The most popular investment held by women investors consists of local stocks (41% of the total), followed by cryptocurrencies (36%), local bonds (25%), international stocks (23%), alternative investments (23%), consumables (14%), international bonds (13%) and currencies (11%).

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