How to remove a tick from the skin and what a mistake to avoid

Great attentionticks, I call the doctors’ attention. Insects that can be extremely dangerous live in green areas – in grass, in trees, in shrubs. In order to avoid the bites, it would be good to wear clothes that cover our skin as much as possible when we are in the park or on the green grass. But not even proper clothing offers a guarantee of protection. Ticks can transmit serious diseases such as encephalitis ticksand Lyme disease. The epidemiologist Emilian Popovici explained to Digi24 what we have to do if we are bitten by a tick.

Dr. Emilian Popovici: Ticks, which are ectoparasites (live on the skin of humans or animals – no.), Are present from late spring to early autumn in almost all counties and areas of the country. The good weather is coming, we can’t tell people not to leave the house because of the ticks, because we don’t need to give such advice, but some precautions can be taken, and wearing light-colored clothes is indicated when it comes out on the green grass, because we can see the parasites more easily on these light-colored clothes. It is also good to wear, even if it is warm, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, appropriate shoes.

After going out to the green grass it is advisable to take a shower. Why? Because we remove parasites from the shower that may not have entered the skin and at the same time we can do an inspection of the body.

How do you know if you have a skin tick and what to do?

So, after inspecting the clothes, we do an inspection of the body and of course if we see that a “mole” appeared where we did not have this mole until then we think that it may be a tick and then, of course, we can take the second row of measures, namely, to get rid of this ectoparasite. How is this done?

It’s not very complicated. Of course, if we have the opportunity to go to a medical service, we go to a medical service, and a medical professional – either a middle-aged person or a doctor – also has a tweezers with which to extract the tick and knows the technique. to use it.

But if we do not have this possibility, then with a pair of tweezers – it does not have to be a very special one – we can catch the body of the tick which is
above the skin, as close as possible to the skin, and then through counterclockwise rotation to rotate it until it is released. Why is this maneuver good? It can be easily pulled up, but be very careful not to break the body of the tick, because otherwise, if the head of this ectoparasite remains in the skin, it can cause local infections.

Why it is NOT advisable to use alcohol before extracting the tick

Some also recommend that you apply a spirit to the tick before it is extracted or with betadine or by heating. This is NOT indicated in any form, because it really does not suit the tick if you put medicinal alcohol on it, and at that moment it can release, through a kind of vomit, exactly those pathogens that we do not want in our body.

So, we practically don’t put anything on the tick or heat it, we don’t do anything to it before extracting it, we extract it and AFTER we extract it, we disinfect the place with betadine or medicinal alcohol.

Is it advisable to take medication?

There are, say, two major organizations in the world: one that supports the usefulness of preventive antibiotic treatment after tick extraction, and one that does not support this. We, here, support the usefulness of this treatment. And it’s simple: with 100 milligram doxycycline. Doxycycline is a tetracycline.

If the tick is removed in the first 72 hours after the parasite enters the skin, so to speak, then it is useful to administer doxycycline 100 milligrams, 2 capsules, so practically 200 milligrams on the first day and another 100 milligrams on the day. second.

It does not mean that any tick, if approached, will automatically make Lyme disease or tick encephalitis or a hemorrhagic fever. But it is good to take some measures to avoid those cases, as many as they are, in which such serious diseases can occur as a result of the attack of ticks.

Because it is an antibiotic, doxycillin is not released free of charge in the pharmacy, so we should consult a doctor for a prescription.

Editor: Luana Pavaluca

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