Emotions for Emmanuel Macron.  His alliance is on an equal footing with left-wing forces after the first round of parliamentary elections

The coalition of French President Emmanuel Macron would remain the first political force in the National Assembly (lower house of parliament), according to the first projections of the results of the vote in the first round of the legislative elections, held on Sunday. However, the result is quite close, according to polls at the exit from the polls. Athe centrist alliance Ensemble (“Together”) is on a par with Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s NUPES alliance, which brings together all the forces of the left.

The presidential camp is expected to win between 275 and 310 seats out of a total of 577, according to an Ifop-Fiducial poll, and between 255 and 295, according to an Ipsos poll. An absolute majority means 289 seats.

In terms of votes, the coalition of the centrist president recently re-elected in April is side by side with the left-wing coalition, according to the same estimates.

In principle, Macron’s party would still manage to get the most seats in parliament, but the left-wing opposition will be strong.

ipsos survey
IPSOS survey Photo: Twitter France24

What a result Marine Le Pen had

This election comes a few weeks after the presidential election, after which Emmanuel Macron managed to secure a second presidential term.

As for her presidential rival, Marine Le Pen, the far-right representative, she appears to have defeated her political opponents on Sunday in the northern Henin-Beaumont constituency in which she ran for the National Assembly. According to France24, she won 54 percent of the vote in the first round, but her low turnout forced her to confirm her victory in a second round next Sunday.

Speaking shortly after the polls closed, she urged voters to make sure “Macron is denied a majority in parliament.” She also urged her supporters to abstain from voting in elections in which Macron’s candidates will face those of the left-wing Nupes alliance.

The left is considered the winner

For its part, the left-wing bloc continues to believe that “victory is possible.” Clémentine Autain, a member of the left-wing Nupes bloc, sees a huge success for her camp. “A few months ago, the left was supposed to be dead and the far right seemed to be at the gates of power. Now, we have turned things around and reached the front of the first round “, she declared as the first projections of the vote arrived. Autain estimates that next Sunday Nupes will fight for about 480 of the total 577 seats that are at stake in this parliamentary election.

The leader of the left-wing coalition, Jean-Luc Mélenchon – also a candidate in the presidential election, where he came in third – said Macron’s camp had been “defeated and defeated”. The leader of the Nupes coalition urged voters to vote in the second round, which will take place on June 19, estimating that his bloc will have candidates in “over 500 constituencies”.

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