Bulgaria opposes Northern Macedonia's accession to the EU: It has not complied with minority rights demands

The Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Iliana Iotova, said on Sunday in Arad, when asked about the conditions imposed by her country to support the accession to the European Union of Northern Macedonia, that this country did not fulfill one of the main demands of Bulgaria, that respect for the rights of minorities.

Present in the Arad town of Vinga to take part in events of the Bulgarian minority, Iliana Iotova said that Romania and Bulgaria had a number of conditions when they joined the European Union and that she expects Northern Macedonia to apply some measures that Bulgaria he has been asking for them for a long time.

“For months now, we have been asking our Western partner, in this case the Republic of Northern Macedonia, to respect the rights of ethnic Bulgarians, as all other EU countries do, but unfortunately so far the Republic of Northern Macedonia has not response to our requests. We consider that this condition has not been met. We have also set some conditions in the field of education, in this case everyone knows the common history we have. I asked that the history textbooks in the pre-university cycle reflect history correctly and not manipulate it, not distort it, because at the moment in these history textbooks are written a lot of untruths and bad things about the Bulgarians and the Bulgarian people. . We demanded that these things be removed. I also demanded the declassification of the communist archives, which will certainly find evidence of the reprisals of those who considered themselves ethnic Bulgarians, “said the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Iliana Iotova stressed that both Bulgaria and Romania have joined the European Union together after meeting a number of “very strict criteria”.

“We have managed to join the European Union because we have met these criteria. At the moment, we do not ask our neighbors for anything other than to meet the same criteria that we have met, “said the Bulgarian official.

She added that “unless there is another position in the European Union or Northern Macedonia”, Bulgaria will not change its position.

“Violating the veto would mean violating Bulgaria’s rights in this structure, it would mean circumventing the Parliament and other structures of Bulgaria that defend this position, a position that is appropriated by the vast majority of Bulgarian citizens on this condition imposed on Northern Macedonia, but we see what news will the next meetings bring on this topic. We have asked for these things, it seems that it will not be possible for it to happen during the French presidency “, said Iliana Iotova.

Bulgaria’s vice president is in Vinga on Sunday to attend events of the Bulgarian minority, including the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the consecration of the local Roman Catholic Church. Iliana Iotova also received the title of honorary citizen of the commune from Vinga City Hall.

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