VIDEO.  Bypass that isolated an entire neighborhood from the rest of the city: "I don't know how we're going to get out by plane."

The Satu Mare ring road, an investment of over 400 million lei, isolated an entire neighborhood from the rest of the city. Pedestrians in the area, including many children and the elderly, cannot walk out of the neighborhood at all because the road was not provided with any pedestrian crossings.

-Isn’t it dangerous to stop by?
-It’s dangerous, but we have nowhere to go. This is!

The lady in the pictures walks through an illegal place every time she leaves the neighborhood. For several months, instead of a street on the outskirts of Satu Mare, the bypass was built, and an entire neighborhood is now isolated. People living in the area can only get out by car, directly in the ring road. No pedestrian crossings were provided for those without a car.

-Did we close it and where to go? That it is not allowed there. Are there children who go to school, we go by bike and where do we go out?
-Don’t you have a walk now?
-Nothing nothing!

Now even the locals are making fun of the trouble and are determined to continue crossing there.

-I don’t know, we’re buying a helicopter.

-I don’t know what we’re going to do here, how we’re going to get out, by plane or what …

-I really told my husband, I have no other solution, because I’m not going to the wheel, I’m going under and still going out!

But the dangers are much greater. Immediately after the ring road is a level crossing. Before, people could walk past it, but now they are forced to cross it. To avoid an accident, the builder decided to install railings to block all pedestrian access to the area.

Ioana Mihalca, Digi24 journalist: This street is going to be completely blocked after this parapet that you see in the pictures will be installed. People no longer have access on foot or by bike in any direction.

Marius Țiclaru, project coordinator: People would like to leave it open here, but in the absence of a permit or in the absence of an official document from the authorities, we do not allow ourselves to leave the parapet part open because in the absence of this it happens, God forbid, any train accident or If something happens, we are directly responsible. You should contact the CNAIR manufacturer or the authorities directly and find a solution.

The builder, however, is waiting for “orders” from Bucharest.

Construction company representative: TCNAIR has to tell us if we can do something or not. I mean, it’s not up to us. We’ve thought of a proposal, but there’s nothing we can do about it if we don’t know what to do. Restore the pedestrian crossing as it was.
-You mean in the curve?
-You have to think carefully to respect the safety of people.

Radu Roca – prefect of Satu Mare county: It’s a bit more complicated, but the executor told me it would be solved.

The bypass of Satu Mare is one of the most important projects in recent years in the city.

Publisher: AP

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