Ion Cristoiu, on security laws: The leak to the press was part of a political operation.  All that is happening now is the preparation for the presidential election

“It is clear that the leak to the press was part of a political operation. Maybe some of the services, I don’t know, but anyway … they weren’t given as if someone got their hands on them and let’s give them. As a political analysis. 1. Who and why gave them. 2 I don’t know where they were, to whom. Where? The one who gave them, gave them for a purpose. The aim is to create the image of Klaus Iohannis and the regime, and the coalition of militarized, anti-democratic dictatorship. If it wasn’t an operation, he would receive all the press. It was given by G4media and the topic was quickly taken over by USR “, the publicist stated on Friday evening, on the show Gândurile lui Cristoiu from SMART TV.

Ion Cristoiu says that USR has found as a corridor of political affirmation the defense of democracy in Romania, a topic that will attract the right-wing electorate that it has shared until the day before with Iohannis.
“USR has so far been on the side of the services, of the binomial. Suddenly, USR finds a corridor. The corridor is the democracy in Romania that must be defended not by PSD, but by the militarization tendencies of Klaus Iohannis. So the USR has found, perhaps with foreign consultants, this extraordinarily efficient corridor, similar to the Hungarian opposition and the Polish opposition. That is, little by little, the regime is turning into an anti-democratic one, and the USR is taking this path to defend democracy. Yes, USR wins and I think USR has also set up. The problem is that we are dealing politically with an extraordinary change of USR theme because it wins a large part of the right-wing electorate. (…) There is a part of the electorate that went with USR, but also with Iohannis at the beginning, with no penalties, on the moral issue. I mean, a young electorate, but a bigger one, who has enough money not to say, well, he gives us another voucher. It is very serious for Klaus Iohannis or for the regime because it is attacked exactly on its territory “, the publicist explained.

Ion Cristoiu is surprised by the reaction of Klaus Iohannis, who, in his opinion, reacted wrongly to the appearance in the press of the draft security laws, which shows that the regime slept on one ear and did not anticipate such a move.

“So we have: USR who found this corridor. It is not so much the laws that are important, but the topic that USR has taken and which is very effective, especially in the perspective of the presidential elections. Even if the laws are changed, USR does not lose its theme because the public image is that they have already been approved, that is the genius of the movement. The vast majority think I’m ready. USR will present other cases of human rights violations, so it is a topic. USR no longer has the issue without criminals in public office. And then, if we look beyond, we have something wrong with Klaus Iohannis. Well, the moment you know someone came out at night with the dagger, shut up and strangle him that night. You make a fuss and say you’re upset. Now there’s something else. A big problem is that this coalition has gained weight, it’s big and it’s not paying attention. The fact that he does not have a strong opposition, a strong press, has been put on one ear. Otherwise he would come and wonder, but what if someone comes and gives these drafts? Can’t you see they’re not paying attention anymore? He had to downplay the drafts. I was breaking them there. I would come with them and say yes, sir, this is nonsense. I even scribbled on them “, the publicist pointed out.

“Succession is open and a raging battle”

Ion Cristoiu points out that everything that is happening now is the preparation for the presidential elections and as a result of the opening of the succession for Cotroceni, we are witnessing a battle between the great powers, services and parties.

“This very dangerous impression has been created, which leads to this corridor and attention. All that is happening now is the preparation for the presidential elections. Because it’s Klaus Iohannis’ last term. Now the succession is open and then it’s a raging battle. Between the great powers, who puts the president, between the services, inside the services, inside the parties. Everyone is in the race “, the publicist pointed out.

“It is a preparation of the field for Codruţa Kovesi”

Ion Cristoiu also says that the presidential elections are moral elections, not economic ones, it will be an election based on emotion, and maintaining the image of Laura Codruţa Kovesi is an indication that the ground is being prepared for the candidacy of the former DNA chief, currently European chief prosecutor.

“It simply came to our notice then. Presidential elections since 2004 are moral elections, not economic elections. The electorate that goes to the polls, goes on the moral issue, the fight against corruption, on honor, on democracy. Everyone won like that. Nastase had an extraordinary economic government, but Traian Băsescu laughed at the moral issue, arrogance … it matters in the presidential elections because a man is elected in the presidential elections. And then it is now a preparation of the field, in my opinion, for Codruţa Kovesi, I have no doubt. If she wants to run for office, she is the current president, I guarantee. I saw an article in Der Spiegel about her that if she was my wife, I would be jealous. It’s an amazing campaign. It’s part of the campaign

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