Ion Cristoiu: A lesser-known position of Marshal Antonescu: Head of Government

Once upon a time, at the Piatra Neamţ Youth Theater Festival, I had what I realized I was, as the director of the magazine. Theater, the revelation of the acting force. Of the acting force itself, a fortune that, like the charisma of politicians, the ability to dribble to footballers, the right hook in boxing and the deep glances at fatal women, is inherited genetically, not to be acquired through zeal throughout life. It was the turn of the show with Richard III, from Teatrul Mic, starring Ştefan Iordache. The fame of this performance had long since disappeared and thanks to it, there were no tickets to the show at the Teatrul Mic, even if they did not come from the Ceausescu family. The show began with Richard entering the stage. Because Shakespeare mentioned just that, a street in London, the director imagined several advisers waiting for Richard.

For a minute, if I’m not mistaken, I watched the scene without a start, as I did with dozens of other scenes from regular shows, neither good nor bad. And suddenly Richard III appeared. In fact, Stefan Iordache has appeared! I was startled. Everyone in the room acted like me. Because both the main character had appeared, the one who was going to carry the show on his back, and the Actor, the one for whom the world was fighting to get tickets. Then I had the revelation of Personality in the theater, which Personality has similar effects in all areas in which normal people work, some even competent, but without skipping the norm, without being an Exception. I want to write about the moment in Piatra Neamţ for a few days, more precisely, since, with Transcripts of the meetings of the Council of Ministers during the time of the Marshal, I arrived at a meeting chaired by Ion Antonescu himself. From the beginning of the hostilities, the Marshal was occupied with the Front. September 17, 1941 is his first government meeting. Until then, the meetings were chaired by Mihai Antonescu. I also wrote about how Mihai Antonescu led them. The man had talent, but not genius. The attitude of sincere leader with subordinates, the transparent jealousy on the authority of the Marshal (when Aurelian Pană, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture sends a Report to the Marshal, without him going through the Government, Mihai Antonescu sets up a kind of public trial ), the mania to talk about himself, in order to self-polish, make the interim prime minister a small character. Small things are also discussed at the Government meetings, without flight, with wide horizons, reminiscent of a meeting at a ministry rather than one at the Government of Romania in the Holy War.

On September 17, 1941, however, the Marshal appeared. And even from the first sequences, as in the case of the appearance of Ştefan Iordache on stage, I realize that the main character of the play has come. The government meeting becomes from the administrative meeting a historic meeting. The Marshal imposes by:

– Holding the meeting in hand. With Mihai Antonescu, the ministers felt like mice playing on the table, because the cat is absent. With Ion Antonescu, things change. The ministers are in front of the Chief and not of a colleague who happened to be at the head of the meeting table. The impression of standing in the benches, as the students, and of conscientiously noting the indications of the Professor includes you from the very first lines read from the Transcript.

– Putting aside the details of the execution, the debate on how the Historical Projects will be translated into practice. When someone in the meeting tries to say something more concrete about the Chisinau Reconstruction, the Marshal abruptly interrupts him, stating that he is not interested in the details.

– Putting into debate some great historical projects: the reconstruction of Chisinau under the sign of Romanization, the cutting of new traffic arteries, the administration of Bessarabia and Bukovina.

– The tone, easy to notice is historical, even if you only have a transcript in front of you.

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