HOROSCCOPE June 11.  The zodiac signs must stay away from risks today.  They will not be able to manage them efficiently


The moon is moving empty today through the house of relationships and money in your general horoscope, which could precipitate some contradictory discussions between you and your life partner about money in general and especially about mutual funds. In other cases, it may be an acidic exchange of remarks about your financial behavior with the expenses that one of you tends to incur.


Today the moon is empty in the house of partnerships in your solar horoscope, which is why you don’t have a too quiet Saturday in relation to your loved one. There are always reasons for tension, so many times you get very close to an argument in the true sense of the word. Try to find out what the real problem is and what can be done to calm the atmosphere.


Today, the moon is crossing the house of health in your general horoscope, an indication that you do not have much energy today. So one of your priorities today should be to rest, especially if you have had a difficult week, with events that have caused you stress and fatigue. Also, try to be more careful what you eat, not to overload your digestive system.


The moon is moving empty today through the house of love and children in your solar horoscope, a sign that you may not be in the best relationship with your life partner and / or your little ones. In a week’s time, you may have gathered some reasons to be upset, but none of you seem ready to talk about them. Because of this, they risk reaching tensions, situations that can break out.


The moon transits empty today the family home in your general astrogram, an indication that you could be among the natives who are not in the best relations with the family. To avoid contradictory discussions, it is advisable not to open sensitive topics. Count on the ones on which your views meet. It will show a good time for those topics, but in the background, try to avoid them.


The moon is hovering across the house of communication in your solar astrogram, which is why you may experience a feeling of anxiety in relation to some interlocutors. Gradually, you will gain more self-confidence in them, but at first, it may be quite difficult for you to express yourself freely, to say exactly what you think. Don’t worry because they won’t judge you in a different way.


The moon is moving empty today through the house of money in your general horoscope, which heralds a risk of spending more today than you intended. So, it might be a good idea to avoid the temptation to stop by your favorite stores if you don’t really need something. Otherwise, you may need to tighten your belt early next week, which you can’t afford.


Today, the moon is empty, the sign of your birth, which is why you may not have much energy. You may also have an ambivalent relationship with the energy you receive from others; either you need it when you don’t get it, or you get tired when it flows in too big waves in your direction. So there is a risk that some people might find it difficult for you.

JUNE 11 HOROSCOPE – Sagittarius

Today, the moon crosses the house of the subconscious in your solar horoscope, which means that, at best, you are in a meditative step. On the other hand, there is a risk of being overwhelmed, of having a hard time managing the negative thoughts that surround you during these days. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself emotionally, not to let anyone get into your heart and mind during this time.

JUNE 11 HOROSCOPE – Capricorn

The moon is moving empty today through the house of social life in your general astrogram, which can lead to a distance from a dear friend. It is difficult to say what the tension is, but it is clear that you need to be more careful how you communicate sensitive things that could hurt the person next to you. Tact is your reliable ally today, especially in unmanageable contexts.

JUNE 11 HOROSCOPE – Aquarius

Today, the moon crosses the house of social status in your solar astrogram, a sign that if you meet important people in society or at work, it is important how you behave. There is a risk of committing some faux pas, of saying things that would have been better for you. Therefore, keep in mind that there will be a limit between you and certain interlocutors, even if it is not visible.


The moon transits the travel house from your general horoscope, a sign that it announces only a good day to get out of the urban jungle, whether it’s a simple hike somewhere in nature or a real city break. So, no matter what you decide to do, it is a good idea to take a breath of fresh air and change the scenery. You will see with a different eye some complicated life situations.

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