A Romanian earns an average of 6,443 lei gross lei.  As long as it stays in your hand.  Here is the latest INS data

The highest values ​​of the average net earnings were registered in information technology service activities (including information service activities) (9746 lei), and the lowest in hotels and restaurants (2120 lei).

Compared to April of the previous year, the average net earnings increased by 11.4%.

Compared to March 2022, in April 2022, in most activities in the economic sector, the level of average net earnings increased due to the granting of occasional bonuses (quarterly, annual bonuses, 13th salary, for special performances or for the holidays Easter), rights in kind and financial aid, amounts from profit and other funds (including securities). Also, the increases in the average net earnings were due to the resumption of the activity of certain economic agents, production achievements or higher revenues (depending on contracts / projects).

The most significant increases in the average net earnings at the level of CANE Rev.2 sections / divisions were recorded as follows: by 30.2% in the extraction of upper and lower coal, respectively by 20.8% in the production and supply of energy
electricity and heating, gas, hot water and air conditioning; between 8.0% and 12.0% in financial intermediation (except insurance and pension funding), water transport, extractive services, air transport, storage and ancillary transport activities, printing and reproduction recording media, metallurgical industry; between 3.0% and 7.5% in other extractive activities, telecommunications, manufacture of road transport vehicles,
trailers and semi-trailers, crude oil and gas extraction, manufacture of rubber and plastics products, real estate transactions, repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment, forestry and logging (including fishing and aquaculture), land transport and pipeline transport, waste collection, treatment and disposal; activities for the recovery of recyclable materials (including decontamination activities and services), other service activities.

The decreases in the average net earnings compared to March 2022 were determined by the granting in the previous month of occasional prizes, rights in kind and monetary aid, amounts from the net profit and from other funds. Also, the decreases in the average net earnings were caused by non-production or lower revenues (depending on contracts / projects), as well as by hiring staff with lower than average earnings, from some economic activities.

The most significant decreases in average net earnings at the level of CANE Rev.2 sections / divisions were recorded as follows: by 32.3% in the manufacture of tobacco products, by 18.8% in insurance, reinsurance and of funds
pensions (except for those in the public social insurance system), respectively with 11.0% in the manufacture of beverages; between 3.0% and 9.5% in publishing activities, professional, scientific and technical activities, auxiliary activities for financial intermediation, insurance and pension fund activities, manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations, extraction of metal ores, tanning and dressing of leather (including manufacture of travel goods and leather goods, harness and footwear; preparation and dyeing of furs), manufacture of textiles, manufacture of substances and chemicals.

In the budgetary sector, there were slight increases in the average net earnings compared to the previous month in the public administration (+ 0.7%), respectively in health and social assistance (+ 0.1%). In education, the average net earnings decreased compared to the previous month (-1.7%), due to the reduction of the amounts representing the hourly payment of teachers during the school holidays

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