USR accuses that PSD-PNL is cheating the data so that it seems that the Romanian economy is doing well

Claudiu Năsui, USR deputy and former Minister of Economy, says that the PSD-PNL government has rigged the data on GDP growth in order to justify an increase in taxes. He says the sudden change in the methodology for calculating GDP has led to record economic growth in the first quarter.

According to provisional data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, Romania’s GDP increased in the first quarter of 2022 by 6.5% compared to the same period of 2021 and by 5.2% compared to the previous quarter.

“The communists did not lie like that either. If we believe the official data, we have the second largest increase in the history of Romania. Do you feel the growth? Obviously not. The only thing that feels is the PSD-PNL’s desperation to maintain appearances. Only once did the economy grow so much, from one quarter to another, so much. When the toughest closures due to the pandemic are over. But then the growth was big because it was going very low. Why lie like that? For two reasons. The first is to make sure that everything goes well in the PSD-PNL regime. Second, to be able to justify the increase in taxes. PSD-PNL has greatly increased state spending, and is now seeking to cover it by raising taxes. The problem is that you can’t afford higher taxes when the population is already impoverished and there is a major global crisis. So the PSD-PNL is cheating the data so that it seems that the economy is doing well and that it can withstand the increase in taxes. In the end, the victim of the lie will be the entire taxpayer “, says Claudiu Năsui.

USR states that, with the increasing revision of nominal GDP – to 1.226 billion lei compared to 1.182.92 billion lei, the public debt of almost 594 billion lei decreased as a percentage of GDP, according to the data of the Ministry of Finance.

“Instead of 50.3% of GDP, the public debt now represents, on new data, 48.4% of GDP. That is, fixed below the threshold of 50% of GDP at which the Law on Fiscal Responsibility obliges the Executive to take measures to reduce the share of public debt in GDP. The law on fiscal-budgetary responsibility (no. 69/2010) provides in par. 2 art. 13 that, if the public debt is in the range of 50-55% of GDP, the Government must present to the public and implement, as soon as possible, a program that includes measures to freeze total public sector wage expenditures. Or, as we see, the Coalition of Poverty has no intention of ending either the relentless employment of party cells or the inflation of the salaries and bonuses paid to them. In the first half of 2022, we have additional spending of 2 billion lei on state salaries and things will not stop here, while ordinary Romanians are struggling with bills and prices that have exploded, with rising bank rates. PSD-PNL leaders also have the audacity to tell citizens that “this is the first time the state has tightened its belt and not the Romanians”, according to the press release.

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