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Archbishop Theodosius of Tomis held a Mass on Friday morning at the “Healing Spring” church, also known as the “church on the sidewalk”, an illegally built place of worship, for which a demolition decision was made. The prelate, who opposes the demolition, called on the faithful and priests to stay in the church day and night so that he could not be taken down.

Theodosius said that all those who “demolished churches died in terrible torment” and that he could not accept that a place sanctified 20 years ago be moved.

“After an indiscriminate court decision – how can a court decide to demolish a church? What is the church? It is the sanctuary of God. Fear not the word of God, which saith, Whosoever shall corrupt the thing of God, him shall God destroy; All those who demolished churches died in terrible torment “, said the archbishop of Tomis in the sermon at the end of the service, according to Agerpres.

The Archbishop of Tomis asked the mayor Vergil Chiţac to “return to the faith”, the same appeal being made to the municipal councilors and judges. His Eminence Theodosius also asked Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, president of the PNL, whom he defined as “a faithful man”, to “hold accountable” the mayor of Constanta.

“Behold, the forerunners of the mayor were the great Bratians, who defended the Church. What successor is Mr. Vergil, who wants to tear down the church? Today was the day to fall. It will not fall apart, we will stay here. I will schedule Christians and priests to stay in the church day and night and it will not fall on them. Even the police can’t ruin God’s work. Fear all who believe that God is weak or not, God is Almighty and awaits you all in repentance. Return, you who are forsaken, come to God, for He will forgive you, ”said His Eminence Theodosius in his speech.

He added that the court proceedings will be resumed in order to obtain usufruct in order to maintain the church.

“And I turn to those judges who have ordered the demolition of a church. I’ll take action. This building has been in use for 20 years, we can assume that it has been used here for 20 years. How to dismantle an altar ?! It’s a sacrilege, we can’t dismantle a 20-year-old altar, no matter how many services have been performed. . that the church must remain here “, said the Archbishop of Tomis.

“I’d rather die”

His Eminence Theodosius also claimed that he would rather die than this church.

“How can we move a sanctuary for 20 years and how can we make fun of God? I will not accept, I will die rather than die in this church. Therefore, I ask the good God to give everyone the right thought, I prayed and I pray with mercy and love the good God for Mr. Vergil, for the others in his Local Council, for all the counselors who do not want his good, what I advise him to be satrap and cruel. Therefore, every believer must pray. I also appeal to the Prime Minister, a faithful man, to hold him accountable, that the Prime Minister is a general and a faithful man, I also wrote him a message to be general and of Christ, not only general here over people, to be general in the good sense of the word, to bring generosity to Christians, to have churches, to have holy places. May the good God help us and I ask the good God not to consider this sin of stubbornness neither to the mayor nor to the judges. We will put this case back on track. A church that has been served for 20 years cannot be demolished. Usufruct is acquired for a certain building, but is it not possible for a church ?! ”, he added.

The mayor of Constanța, Vergil Chiţac, asked the archbishop of Tomis, Teodosie, to implement the final decision of the court in December regarding the demolition of the construction works for the building in the Macul Roşu area, illegally built on the sidewalk, where a place of worship is improvised. .

“It has been 10 years since the illegal and unauthorized construction, on the public space, on the sidewalk, in the Macul Roşu area, of a building in which a place of worship is improvised, the Izvorul Tămăduirii church, called by the people of Constanta« the church on the sidewalk ». The court definitively decided “the abolition, by the Archdiocese of Tomis, of the construction works carried out without a building permit for the building located in Constanţa, Tomis Boulevard no. 322, Macul Roşu area, within 90 days from the date of the finality of the present decision ». As you know, the sentence was handed down on December 13, 2021, which is “the date of the final decision”, and the 90-day period thus expires on March 14, 2022, “said Mayor Chitac to Archbishop Tomis.

The position of the Patriarchate

His Eminence Theodosius has made several statements in recent months in which he stressed that the demolition or disassembly and relocation of this church cannot be accepted, and two days ago he sent an open letter to the mayor of Constanta asking him not to demolish the church.

The spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate, Vasile Bănescu, transmitted, on Friday, that the demolition of a church is “a disturbing and inappropriate act”, and the solution of moving or translating, as far as possible, is “a priori better than its demolition” .

“Every sacred edifice, especially a church, is erected and arranged only in a rigorously adequate space, that is, suitable and worthy of such a noble choice. There are very clear practical, canonical, architectural, aesthetic and liturgical reasons for building a church. The first of these are the legality and the objective necessity of its construction. Like any building erected in a private or public space, the construction of a church requires all the necessary approvals from the competent local authorities “, Bănescu specified.

Vasile Bănescu appreciated that “an Orthodox church must be as much as possible an oasis of peace, of architectural beauty specific to the splendid Byzantine canonical style, an adequate space for silence, service and meeting in peace with God, not their opposite”.

God, as inspired by a Christian thinker, is especially the “Guest of Silence,” not the infernal noise of modern day machines. Every church must be built with the highest and purest pastoral responsibility, aesthetic good taste and canonical rigor, not with any impure suspect or irresponsible foreign intention of all this “, mentioned Bănescu.

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