The US has dropped the COVID test for tourists coming by plane

The United States will drop the mandatory requirement for a negative COVID-19 test for tourists arriving in the country by plane, the White House announced on Friday. The measure will take effect on Sunday, June 12, 2022, according to the American press.

However, the US administration has not specified whether it will maintain the obligation to vaccinate against COVID-19 for non-resident aliens coming to the United States, writes AFP, taken over by Agerpres.

Faced with the effects of the surge of Omicron infections, U.S. health officials tightened testing procedures in December 2021 that allowed them to enter the United States. All passengers over the age of 2, if boarding a plane bound for the United States from abroad, were required to take a negative COVID-19 test, taken no more than one day before take-off. whether or not they were vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

Several countries, especially in Europe, have already dropped the COVID-19 test required before boarding.

On the other hand, following a decision of the American court, the compulsory wearing of a sanitary mask was also canceled in the United States, in April, in the case of public transport and, especially, on board aircraft.

Omicron subvariant circulates in the US

Lifting anti-epidemic restrictions has been a strong demand from the US economic sector, especially from airlines, which want a speedy return to the pre-pandemic situation.

The United States is currently reporting more than 100,000 new cases of COVID-19 a day, a number that is actually underestimated, according to health experts. The recent increase in the number of cases has been associated with the emergence of Omicron subvariant. About 300 people continue to die from COVID-19 every day in the United States, but US health authorities are now pointing out the many treatments available, including existing vaccines and the Paxlovid antiviral, in case of infection.

According to Kevin Munoz, an assistant to the White House spokeswoman, who announced on Twitter the decision to cancel the mandatory COVID test for air transport, the US health authorities will continue to assess the necessary measures according to medical science and traffic context viral variants.

“We believe that we have made the necessary progress to lift this obligation, and I believe that this is good news for business travel, good news for American trade, as well as for companies,” Brian Deese, senior adviser on CNBC, told CNBC President Joe Biden.

Airlines 4 America, the federation of American airlines, welcomed in a statement the government’s decision on Friday, considering that it “will help to encourage and restore flights to the United States for the benefit of our communities, whose economy is heavily dependent on travel and of tourism”.

“We look forward to receiving millions of visitors who are ready to come to the United States for vacations, business trips, or simply to see their relatives again,” said Nicholas Calio, president of the federation.

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