The bureaucratic Easter is coming soon

A simple mathematical calculation shows that, on average, a woman earned 850 lei more per month than she should have. Much, little? That’s your answer. But, I would like to ask you another question: how could this have happened? Simple, and because the Romanian state refuses to digitize. It is not unknown to the Romanian state how much an employee who works with legal forms earns. Everything is, in theory, in sight. Basically, what one institution knows does not tell another that it should work with. How simple, efficient and beneficial it would be for everything to be visible, for the papers walked from one office to another to disappear. But this will not happen too soon, and while the big cannons or unnecessary state spending will go smoothly, the little rubbish will be taken to the public market to show how fair the government is and how efficiently it works for you.

Why can’t it? Because it is not wanted, there is no competence and the process about which our speeches are already fluttering in our ears already annoyed by so many unfulfilled promises has not started. Can you tell me what was chosen for Educated Romania, the mega ultra extra promise that we will invest in Education to be better tomorrow? Maybe you can name meetings on the subject, but a practical consequence is hard to find.

The Romanian state refuses to redefine itself at the level of 2022, while its citizens, many of them, with an open mind, access to information and more settled societies, not only have expectations outlined in the year in which they live, but they know precisely what could be implemented in certain sectors for a community or a social category to live better. And then why isn’t there pressure on the state to move faster in the right direction? Maybe it’s because we live in a confrontation between lehamites vs bureaucracy that masks theft and incompetence. A silent, anesthetized, and disgusting majority cannot hold accountable to key dignitaries who have found the secret of eternity and who always remain, by ringing, in positions of power and control.

However, today’s news was about 28 ladies who fooled the state. Really? Or about the Easter of the bureaucratic horses, which have become the longest term in which the state promises to do what, naturally, it should have done long ago?

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