Sorin Grindeanu announces the purchase of another 20 electric trains.  The routes they will travel

The Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu, announced on Friday that the acquisition of another 20 long-distance electric trains had been approved by the Technical-Economic Council of the Ministry of Transport.

The tender will be carried out by the Railway Reform Authority through PNRR, at an estimated value of 180 million euros, to which will be added the maintenance and repair costs of approximately 270 million euros (amount provided by railway operators in the implementation of public service contracts).

According to the minister, the investment has several objectives: to improve the transport offer by increasing the number of trains per route and per day, correlated with the introduction of a predictable frequency; ensuring direct and fast connections between the big cities of Romania; highlighting the modernization investments carried out on the entire TEN-T railway network on the Romanian territory; support for the transition to the train command and control system based on the European ERTMS / ETCS standard; ensuring rail passenger transport services that comply with the Technical Standards for Interoperability; replacement of diesel traction with electric traction.

routes on which the new electric trains will run are:

Oradea – Cluj Napoca – Sighisoara – Brasov;

Cluj Napoca – Alba Iulia – Simeria (Deva) – Târgu Jiu – Craiova – Calafat;

Braşov – Sfântu Gheorghe – Miercurea Ciuc – Bacău – Iaşi;

Braşov – Sfântu Gheorghe – Miercurea Ciuc – Bacău – Suceava;

Galaţi – Mărăşeşti (Focşani) – Bacău – Iaşi;

Galaţi – Mărăşeşti (Focşani) – Bacău – Suceava;

Galaţi – Brăila – Constanţa – Mangalia;

Iaşi – Bacău – Mărăşeşti (Focşani) – Barboşi (Galaţi) – Brăila – Constanţa – Mangalia;

Suceava – Bacău – Mărăşeşti (Focşani) – Barboşi (Galaţi) – Brăila – Constanţa – Mangalia;

Giurgiu – Bucharest – Ciulniţa (Slobozia) – Călăraşi.

The services will be offered, initially, on the lines already electrified at the time of putting the trains into operation, but they will be extended with the commissioning of the installations for ensuring electric traction (Cluj Napoca – Oradea, Bucharest – Giurgiu, Constanţa – Mangalia).

Conditions that the new purchased trains have to meet are:

  • to drive at a maximum speed of 200 km / h
  • have a minimum capacity of 160 seats (first class and second class)
  • to ensure the comfort for long journeys (7 – 10 h / direction).

Maintenance will be provided by the supplier for a period of 15 years with the possibility of extension to 30 years, Grindeanu also stated.

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