Gheorghe Flutur: One billion euro projects from PNRR for Suceava

The value of the projects approved for financing by PNRR in Suceava County is one billion euros, announced the president of the Suceava County Council, Gheorghe Flutur.

Through the National Investment Program “Anghel Saligny”, local authorities in Suceava County will benefit from funding of 600 million euros for water, sewerage, gas and road projects, he said.

“It is news with guaranteed amounts, which are included in the normative acts. I commuted to Bucharest, I agreed to return to big politics, I won a position, I go to Bucharest every week for projects like the ones listed, because they are extremely important. Suceava receives good money for water, sewer, gas and roads. The money we talked about appears in normative acts published in the Official Gazette “, Flutur wrote on Facebook.

He added that out of the 600 million euros, 220 million are for methane gas supplies in 37 localities.

“Gas will be introduced in urban agglomerations such as Milișăuți-Arbore-Burla, Liteni-Udești-Verești, Cajvana-Cacica-Botoșana-Comănești and Marginea-Horodnic. The gas will also reach places like Berchișești, Cornu Luncii, Rădășeni, Pojorâta, Fundu Moldovei, Dărmănești, Adâncata and Hănțești. Thus, approximately 1,300 kilometers of gas networks will be built, and in a first phase there will be 60-65,000 beneficiaries “, specified Flutur.

We also have the project “Development of water and wastewater infrastructure in Suceava County in the period 2014-2020”, funded through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (POIM). The project, with a value of approximately 243.4 million euros (105.7 million for drinking water and 128.7 million – sewerage), will make it possible to connect to the water and sewerage system of over 200,000 inhabitants, being implemented in 14 Units Territorial Administration (ATU) from Suceava County “, said Flutur.

“In fact, money will enter the county through other projects: 19 million for the consolidation, restoration and rehabilitation of the Administrative Palace in Suceava, over 3 million euros for the construction of a student dormitory at the” Stefan cel Mare “University in Suceava, over 38 million euros for the project of the Multipurpose Hall in Suceava, over 10 million euros for the modernization of the Siret Customs, 33 million euros for the modernization of the camp in Bucșoaia, 60 million euros through the program “Bucovina, Tourist Development Pole”, cross-border projects and other projects of the Suceava County Council “, he added.

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