The European Parliament calls for a revision of the European Union treaties.  What changes do MEPs want to make?

The European Parliament (EP) on Thursday called on European Union states to convene a convention to reform the European treaties. Among the most important objectives pursued are the abolition of the rule of unanimous vote of the Member States in the adoption of certain decisions in the EU Council and the granting of the right of legislative initiative to the EP.

MEPs adopted a resolution (355 votes for, 154 against and 48 abstentions) stating which articles of the treaties they wish to revise.

The resolution states that the goal is to “strengthen the EU’s capacity for action” by revising voting procedures or “adapting the powers assigned to the EU” in areas such as health, energy, defense and economic and social policies, writes Agerpres, taking over EFE.

MEPs are also calling for a strengthening of the article that could punish those Member States that are accused of violating European values, in order to “clarify the findings and consequences” of these violations.

Another request contained in MEPs’ resolutions is to give the European Parliament increased negotiating powers over the EU budget, and also for this European institution to be given the right of initiative, amendment and legislative derogation.

What are the next steps?

With this resolution adopted by the EP, Member States will decide by qualified majority at a summit, probably on 23-24 June, whether to launch the treaty reform convention.

That convention brings together representatives of the Member States, national parliaments, the European Parliament and the European Commission to draw up a proposal for a new EU treaty, which will eventually have to be approved unanimously by all Member States for adoption.

In a separate report, MEPs called for a review of EU treaties to give the European Parliament a “general and direct right to initiate legislation”, claiming that the EP is “the only institution of the Union elected by direct suffrage” and an “institution that represents the voice of citizens”. in the decision-making process of the Union “.

“A general and direct right of initiative (for the European Parliament) would further strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the Union, empower (decisional) the citizens of the Union and reflect the evolution over time of the competences of the Union and its institutions towards a stronger European democracy “, say MEPs.

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