State to state.  Students no longer have a place to go to camp.  The indifference and incompetence of the authorities put them on the spot

Summer vacation is approaching and many students may wish to go to a camp. They don’t have many options. Over the last 30 years, the indifference and incompetence of the authorities have put dozens of children’s camps on the line. This is also the case of the five rest centers around the Capital. It all looks like after the bombing. A pile of ruins in the middle of the forest. The explanations of those responsible are hallucinatory: some documents did not reach from one institution to another and could not make investments. Watch a new episode of the State-by-State campaign.

Mogoșoaia commune, Ilfov county. One of the most coveted areas in the north of the Capital. An oasis of greenery as you find it less and less. After a few tens of meters of walking through the forest, you encounter … disaster.

Toma Petcu, Digi24 journalist: You are also afraid to step, because you do not know what you are going through, you do not know how to step on a shard or something sharp, or you do not know if there is no pit under all this rubble.

This is what the former children’s camp looks like now. The landscape is desolate and the accommodation is said to have been bombed. A mixture of rotten wood with disused furniture, shards, masonry and lots and lots of rubbish. On some walls there are still cartoons of cartoon characters.

Chess pieces that are already starting to rot are probably many years since they stayed here. This is a makeshift shower, someone caught a can, drilled it … you can see … and they were taking a shower at the Mogoșoaia camp.

And here you go on the set of a horror movie, without any exaggeration …, the plywood hanging from the ceiling, shards, leaves, wood, PET, windows … Incredible how it can look, incredible.

The grounds on which the five school camps are located have “evaporated” due to some mundane paperwork.

The place was administered by the former Ministry of Youth and Sports. From the Mogoșoaia town hall we find out that, in fact, here is now a private property and, in the documents, the camp does not exist.

Daniel Dobre, public administrator of Mogoșoaia: The local land commission only took the respective site and took possession of it according to the law 18.
Reporter: So, practically all the buildings or what is left of them have disappeared, practically they do not exist there.
Daniel Dobre: They do not appear in the documents, that’s right.
Reporter: Well, how?
Daniel Dobre: Don’t ask me … My opinion is that the ministry should have taken care of the subordinate properties, registered them, registered them, registered them with the County Office of Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising and behaves like a good owner.

The explanation of the Ministry of Sports is hallucinatory. The lands on which the five school camps around Bucharest are located have “evaporated” due to some trivial papers that have not reached them from the Ministry of Education.

Ministry of Sports: “Given that, when teaching the school camps, the Ministry of Education did not provide the Ministry of Youth and Sports with supporting documents regarding the legal situation of the lands belonging to the 5 camps, their tabulation could not be made, and therefore could not register the inventory of the goods that make up the public domain of the state from the Ministry of Finance, than the constructions related to these camps ”.

The irony is that the two institutions are 1.8 kilometers apart, a distance that can be covered by car in just a few minutes. No chief or official of the Ministry of Sports thought of running away from his colleagues in Education. They have been indulging in this situation for almost a decade and, in the absence of land ownership documents, have not made any investment in buildings, letting them collapse.

We arrive at the children’s camp within the town of Magurele, located in the middle of a secular oak forest. Only a few buildings can be seen from the porch. There are many more, but most have been swallowed by vegetation. You can hardly make your way to them.

“Like in the jungle, it’s really like in the jungle here”

Toma Petcu: There is a building behind these trees, let’s try to get to it somehow. Incredible how the trees grew, they actually covered the building.

After a few steps we find ourselves in the middle of another cobweb. We hardly realize that there was once a basketball court here.

Toma Petcu: We also see the panels, one here covered by a dry branch, these are already dry, who knows when they have been here. As in the jungle, actually as in the jungle it is here, the vegetation has grown uncontrollably, it has covered everything, the whole terrain.

We manage to come to light. Three cats resting in the sun are proof that someone is still coming here. At least from time to time. Somewhere in a corner we find some beehives. The engine of a car can be heard from the road. Stop right in front of the gate.

Toma Petcu: Wait a second, wait a second, don’t leave …

He sees us and starts in a whirlwind. After a few minutes another car appears, it’s a local beekeeper. He says the hives inside don’t belong to him.

Man: I’ve been coming here for at least 10 years and that’s how poor …
Reporter: Is there anything else working here, is anyone else taking care of it?
Man: No, no, it’s a total waste.

Pustnicu children’s camp, Pantelimon-Brănești area. Other ruins in the middle of the forest. Above the entrance, on a rusty sign, read large: “Welcome!” Nobody knows exactly when he last stepped on a child’s foot here.

Reporter: Remember when the kids last came here, so roughly?
Man: In the 90’s. Then it was the football team, it was maintained but when the people from the ministry took it …
Reporter: About when, in what year, do you not remember?
Man: No, I don’t know, it’s been a few years. It was a security company, they didn’t have money to pay and …

School camps are no longer run by anyone

A few years ago, the camp was used as a sports base for a football team in the area. Now everything is abandoned and in an advanced state of degradation.

Toma Petcu: There’s a kind of deposit here, it seems. We have grills, PETs, a TV tube, old TVs, all kinds of wooden plywood, chairs, wood, look, these woods are finely chopped for grilling, PETs and a rubber, two tables.

All sorts of papers, switches, outlets, all thrown to the ground, an indescribable mess, an indescribable robbery, a mockery, indeed a mockery.

And here you say that the bomb fell, without any exaggeration, the doors were taken, someone may have needed them at home, here it seems to be the bathroom, the showers, the plumbing that fell, the plaster that fell, the roof that fell completely.

She sits and wonders how she could have demolished a brick building, a durable brick building, someone would have helped her a little, otherwise she wouldn’t have fallen alone.

Alexandru Strâmbeanu, Pantelimon local councilor: It lies like many other things in Romania. Well, what’s the first one? Look, instead of children having a place to rest because summer is coming, it’s a quiet area, air, oxygen, practically the cleanest air in the whole area … we have nothing to do.

Now the school camps are no longer run by anyone. Theoretically, through the reorganization of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in February, they were transferred to the Ministry of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities. In practice, this has not yet happened. And the future is uncertain: the lands of all the five camps around the Capital are claimed either by the former owners or by the town halls within which they are located.

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