New information about the plane that flew unauthorized over Romania.  He actually came from Lithuania

The small plane that entered the airspace of Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria without permission was actually coming from Lithuania, according to the Hungarian press. The Beechcraft device landed without permission at a sports base in Debrecen, where it refueled, then took off despite attempts by police to stop it, reports the website.

The Lithuanian plane landed yesterday afternoon at the base of the Hajdúszoboszló Aero-Club near Debrecen, according to the base manager, István Juhos. He said the aircraft landed without permission, and two people got off and most likely refueled the plane from the canisters they had on board.

Police arrived at the airport and tried to stop him from taking off again. However, it did not succeed, and after 10-15 minutes the plane took off again in the air “, he said.

Athe plane entered Hungary from Slovakia’s airspace, according to the Budapest Ministry of Defense.

After 8 minutes, the aircraft was intercepted by two Hungarian JAS 39 Gripen military aircraft. The aircraft did not respond to radio interrogations or visual signals from military aircraft.

At around 17.49, the aircraft entered the Romanian airspace, in the Oradea area, being accompanied by the two Hungarian military aircraft, based on the cross-border agreement between Romania and Hungary, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

At 17.58 the Hungarian aircraft returned to the base, the target being taken over by two F-16 aircraft of the US Air Force, deployed on the 86th Fetești Air Base, which were on a patrol mission in the Romanian airspace.

The mission of the two American aircraft was similar, of radio interrogation, visual identification and escorting of the target aircraft.

The police mission was then taken over by two F-16 aircraft of the Romanian Air Force, taking off from the same air base.

The plane intersected, around 19.00, for an interval of about two minutes and the airspace of Serbia, in an area between Drobeta Turnu Severin and Korbovo.

Around 19.09, the aircraft entered the airspace of Bulgaria, where it landed.

It was established that the plane landed in our country and, with the help of the Ministry of Interior, the landing area was located. The case is being investigated, “said the Bulgarian Defense Ministry.

Defense Minister Vasile Dîncu said it was a “rather strange” incident, a “black swan”, but stressed that there was “no cause for concern” and that it was not an event that endangered national security. .

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