MIA measures following drug scandal: Tighter controls in clubs, including on the coast, and closely monitored festivals

Police, gendarmes and employees of the National Anti-Drug Agency will tighten controls in bars and clubs in major cities and on the coast this summer. In addition, major festivals will be closely monitored. These are the measures decided at the meeting with the heads of the Anti-Drug Police, convened by the Minister of Interior, Lucian Bode, after almost a week from the tragedy that took place at the festival in Bucharest.

On Thursday, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucian Bode, asked the institutions with attributions in the field of combating drugs to take concrete measures, with short and medium term applicability, to fight drug trafficking and consumption and the crimes associated with drug use.

“Based on a concrete plan, with immediate applicability, actions will be carried out to prevent and combat drug trafficking and consumption, in which increased numbers of Romanian Police, National Anti-Drug Agency, Border Police, General Anticorruption Directorate and Romanian Gendarmerie will participate. “, according to a communiqué sent on Thursday by the Ministry of Interior.

Bars and clubs in major cities and on the coast are targeted by controls

The short-term actions are designed to focus on the seaside resorts and major cities in the country, including clubs, bars and other high-risk banned areas.

Also, the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will pay more attention to the events with large public scheduled to take place in June, July, August and September, throughout the country.

“Regarding the medium-term actions, Lucian Bode requested the re-evaluation of data and information collection activities in order to allow more efficient measures to be taken in the area of ​​competence and to improve the training of staff on all lines of work,” the source said. of Agerpres.

The activities carried out based on the plan established in Thursday’s meeting, both prevention and control, will be covered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and subordinate structures, in compliance with legal provisions, without affecting the evolution of possible investigations.

Two people have died as a result of an overdose after several young people participating in the SAGA Festival in Bucharest were brought to a very serious condition in several hospitals in the Capital on Friday night.

In two days, on the occasion of the SAGA festival that took place on the National Arena, the General Directorate of Gendarmes of Bucharest Municipality transmits that fines totaling 7,000 lei were given and the necessary documents were prepared to start the investigations for 77 acts of criminal nature of dogwood trafficking and consumption, as well as aggravated theft.

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