Lucian Bode praises the activity of the police and promises a plan to prevent and combat drug use: "The theory that MAI was not actively present at the Saga Festival is a false one"

“We had a tragedy and it is unfortunate that a 25-year-old man died as a result of overdoses at this festival. In every major action in which we participate, it is obvious that we draw conclusions and on the principle of lessons learned we pass on to our structures what has been done well and what needs to be corrected. I did the same here. 73,000 thousand participants, 129 criminal cases, 119 criminal cases on the consumption component – illegal possession of drugs and prohibited substances. These are figures that say everything about the activity of the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the three days. Forgive me, these criminal cases were prepared by the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, not by anyone else. The theory that the Ministry of the Interior was not actively present at this event is false. We had over 400 people a day during the three days of the festival “, said Bode.

He states that he ordered the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to come up with a plan on the two components – prevention and control.

“Today, starting with 10.00, we convened at the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs all the structures with responsibility in this field and following this meeting we will establish measures with short-term and medium-term terms on preventing and combating drug trafficking and consumption. and other prohibited substances. Specifically, we will re-evaluate the data collection activities, we will additionally train the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we will establish the calendar of events with a large audience and there we will have an increased presence of the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we will prepare event organizers. a very good collaboration and, very importantly, we will communicate publicly “, adds the Minister of Interior.

Bode says more than 7,000 criminal cases have been filed last year for drug use and possession.

“We have dismantled 52 criminal groups. I sued over 1,600 people. In addition, 2.8 tons of drugs were confiscated last year. We are aware that we have not done enough, because we are talking about a scourge. (…) I cannot say that I am very satisfied with the way they act (authorities – no.), As long as they are destroyed today (criminal groups – no.) And tomorrow there are others in place, in the same areas “, concluded Lucian Bode .

On Friday, the first night of the Saga Festival, three young people went into cardio-respiratory arrest after using drugs during the concert that took place on the National Arena. One of them lost his life, and the other two are hospitalized in Intensive Care at Floreasca Hospital.

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