Holidays reserved for Pentecost are 40% more expensive than last year.  What are the favorite destinations of Romanians

Pentecost weekend is the busiest this season, with 144% more bookings for accommodation than last year, while prices have risen by 40%, according to an analysis published on Thursday by an online booking platform .

“An extremely busy summer is announced for hoteliers and domestic tourism operators, especially as this is the first time that there are no travel restrictions after two years of pandemic. In addition, holiday cards for 2022 have begun to be loaded , so Romanians have already started booking their summer stays, taking advantage of the early booking summer offers and the fact that they have the opportunity to pay for accommodation with tickets received (including those left unused from 2019 and 2020, which are still available). can only be used in June) “, say the representatives of the hotel platform, quoted by Agerpres.

There was also a significant increase in bookings for the extended weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) of Pentecost, which this year also coincided with the start of the children’s holiday. At the same time, the preferences for the summer season have already begun to take shape: in terms of accommodation units, tourists now choose pensions and apartments, so that they can enjoy more privacy, a quiet holiday in a circle. small (family or group of friends), reveals the quoted source. As for the favorite destinations, as expected, the big cities (33% of reservations), the Romanian coast (27% of reservations) and the spas (17%) are still in high demand.

According to Travelminit data, this is the busiest weekend of the season, with the platform recording 144% more overnight stays for the Pentecost weekend of 2022 compared to 2021. Restrictions have been removed, there is no uncertainty regarding travel, as has been the case in previous years, so tourists can now enjoy worry-free travel.

“There are, however, some changes in the rates charged by hoteliers, which are now higher than in previous years, a phenomenon that specialists have been announcing recently. In Romania, the price of a stay for 2 people, 2 nights , during Pentecost, increased significantly compared to 2021. For example, the price for a hotel room increased by 40%, from 638 lei to 895 lei, while the price for a room in a pension increased by 36%, from 529 lei to 717 lei. It is important to mention the fact that, despite the price increases, tourists can also use in June the old vouchers, left unused from 2019 and 2020, for the purchase of accommodation in the country “, reveals the analysis of the Travelminit hotel platform .ro.

Holiday cards for 2022 have also started to be loaded, a measure that will have a huge impact on the tourism market. “We were expecting an increase in the number of bookings during the summer, but we have to admit that it is an even bigger increase than we imagined, which can only make us happy, being a clear sign of the interest of tourists for the destinations in This mini-holiday of Pentecost is just the beginning of a summer full of tourism, which will gradually return to pre-pandemic levels, especially as we continue to have availability for accommodation across the country, promotional packages, and new places to explore. ” , said Rita Szilveszter, online marketing expert

Publisher: AP

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