Greece and Turkey, back to knives.  Erdogan angrily writes a message in Greek on Twitter, and Athens accuses him of "revisionist" ambitions

Ahead of next year’s presidential election and in a context of rampant inflation in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other senior Turkish officials have sharpened their criticism of Greece, the regional rival, which has strengthened its defense agreements with France and the United States. Unite. In a Twitter message written in Greek on Thursday night, the Turkish president again expressed his anger at Athens, while the Greek Foreign Ministry released old maps to denounce what it calls Turkey’s attempts at “revisionism”.

“We once again warn Greece to be cautious, to stay away from its dreams, rhetoric and actions that could lead to results that it will regret, as was the case a century ago,” Turkish President Erdogan wrote in -a message posted in Greek on Twitter.

This year, the Greeks commemorate the 100th anniversary of what they call the “Smyrna Catastrophe” (now the city of Izmir), when in 1922 a fire devastated Christian neighborhoods and caused tens of thousands of Greeks to leave Asia Minor for mainland Greece. and the Aegean islands.

“Come to your senses,” the Turkish head of state said on Thursday in a new tirade against Greece. “You should disarm the islands. I’m not kidding, “he added during a military exercise.

Turkish authorities have accused Greece of positioning troops on the Aegean islands, in violation of peace treaties signed after World War I and World War II. In response, Ankara announced that it was suspending future bilateral meetings.

Athens, meanwhile, says troops are stationed on the islands in response to Turkish military barracks, planes and landing craft on the opposite coast.

Greek MFA fights Turkish “revisionism” with maps from 1923

The Greek Foreign Ministry responded on Thursday to what it called Turkey’s attempt at “revisionism” in the Aegean Sea following successive Ankara declarations calling into question Greece’s sovereignty over several islands in the area, writes AFP, taken over by Agerpres.

In order to “raise public awareness of Turkish revisionism,” the Greek ministry published a series of 16 maps, the oldest in 1923, which it said were “strikingly and convincingly depicting unilateral and illegal actions and claims.” of Turkey ”.

The dispute over the islands is just one of the reasons for the conflict between the two countries, another being the natural gas fields in the Aegean Sea.

According to Athens, Ankara began in 1973 with an “illegal” exploration of oil in the northern Aegean Sea, before attempting, in the 1980s, to “usurp” the maritime rescue zone (SAR) administered by Greece, because in the years 1990, to bring the uninhabited Greek islands into question by calling them “gray areas”.

The Greek Foreign Ministry accused on Thursday that Turkish rhetoric, in addition to the controversial memorandum with Libya and the strategic doctrine of the “blue homeland” – which claims much of the Aegean Sea – is a violation of international law and a threat to peace in region.

Both Greece and Turkey are NATO member countries.

At the end of last month, Greece sent a letter to the UN rejecting as unilateral and unfounded the claims that Turkey makes regarding the Aegean islands. In this letter, Athens rejects Turkey’s entire argument that Greece’s sovereignty over the Aegean islands is in any way linked to an alleged obligation to demilitarize these islands and adds that this connection violates both the spirit and the letter of the 1923 Lausanne Treaty. and the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty.

Rhodes and Samos, two popular tourist destinations, are among the disputed islands.

Editor: Luana Pavaluca

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