COMMENTARY Sorin Avram: Ilie Dumitrescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania!

Ilie Dumitrescu speaks calmly about the 1-4-4-2 or 1-5-3-2 systems, after which with the wisdom of the man who scored in the Argentine goal he explains why the top of the attack withdrew in defense, and the defender demarcated on the left. Mr. Dumitrescu gives real football lessons that the consumers of the country’s buffets look at with open mouths, marvel and are inclined to be right, because it is only about the great Ilie Dumitrescu.

All the failures of the Romanian National Team, of FCSB, of Concordia Chiajna, of Corvin Hunedoara and of Avântul Filiaşi have some explanations, which, however, have nothing to do with the team owners, the coaches or the players. Wait a minute. The referees are not to blame either. stadium, instead of taking care of his business and knocking on another table.
God forbid that anyone should say anything about Mr. Nea Gigi, about FCSB, about Iordănescu junior, about Dan Petrescu, about CFR Cluj, about Hagi senior or about Hagi junior, or about anything, because immediately the former great football player puts that person at point.

Dialogue in the television studio where Ilie Dumitrescu is invited to exhibit his impeccable costumes and the opinion of a specialist:
”Decebal Rădulescu: .

Ilie Dumitrescu:

Decebal Rădulescu: “But, Ilie, I am not the one who takes 50,000 euros a month either. I have another job> ”.

So, if you were not a footballer, you are not allowed to talk about football, even if the Romanian National Team is a shame, a consequence of the fact that footballers and coaches have no value, and club owners are very much to blame for the existing situation.

Only Mr. Ilie Dumitrescu is allowed to talk about football, because he was a great football player. However, the fact that you were an exceptional striker does not qualify you to be an exceptional analyst, especially when you let go of the critical sense when entering the television studio, so as not to disturb some and the others, be they footballers, coaches or club owners.

Ilie Dumitrescu would be an excellent Romanian Foreign Minister, because he always walks on all fours and says nothing, not disturbing anyone. Mr. Dumitrescu would be a loss for the television station where he is a star, but it would be a gain for Romania. Ilie Dumitrescu is much more elegant and better known in the world than Bogdan Aurescu.

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