Bridge collapsed 6 months after rehabilitation.  What does the company that executed the works say

A rehabilitated and restored bridge half a year ago collapsed on Thursday while two cars were crossing it, and one of the drivers was injured. Although open to road traffic, the bridge was still under the construction of the builder, because the reception had not yet been completed and new tests and trials were to be done to confirm the results of the weight test, said Ionel Arsene, president of Neamt County Council. Contacted by Digi24, the owner of the company that carried out the rehabilitation works of the bridge from Luțca, over the Siret river, says that no intervention was made on the resistance structure and that the works, completed 6 months earlier, were rather some cosmetic .

“Or there was a transfer to the hobans that were 50 years old … (…) We did not reveal the hobans, to see what happens to the reinforcements inside the hobans. I fully respected the project I had at my disposal. It did not go to the resistance structure, about 99% not at all. We only did a kind of modernization and rehabilitation of the bridge, including gypsum plaster, the slab on the bridge was made new and the rest was modernized, but without going to the resistance structure of the bridge “, Romică Rotaru declared for Digi24 , the owner of the company that did the work.

The son of the builder, the former PSD deputy Alexandru Rotaru, was an engineer at the construction company responsible for the works on the bridge in Neamţ, it is true, not during the period when the construction works were carried out. He says checks are being made now.

“It’s the family’s business, I don’t know, I can’t give any answer at the moment,” Alexandru Rotaru told Digi24. In his declaration of fortune he writes that he was an engineer at this company.

“It simply came to our notice then. The bridge has been in circulation for more than half a year, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know too many details, we are now in checks to see what conclusion we reach “, said Alexandru Rotaru.

Asked what he thought was the reason for the crash, Alexandru Rotaru said that from what he understood – because he had not yet arrived at the scene – there was a heavy truck on the bridge and “suspects” that this could be the reason.

Information circulated in the public space that new asphalt had been poured over the old asphalt and this made the bridge more difficult. However, Alexandru Rotaru denies this information.

“No no no. So the bridge was made, modernized according to the project, a concrete slab and a layer of asphalt were poured on top, the structure was reinforced with some carbon slatsAfter all, it’s a complex procedure, but the project was fully respected, “said Alexandru Rotaru.

A truck loaded with sand and a van were crossing the bridge when it collapsed. One of the drivers was stuck in the damaged vehicle. The other escaped unharmed and began to seek help.

After an extensive rehabilitation process, the bridge was put into use in November last year. The total cost of the works amounts to 8.3 million lei.

Romică Rotaru, the owner of Darcons SRL, is a former vice-president of the Neamț County Council.

The works on the bridge from Luțca, over Siret, which collapsed on Thursday, “are not completed and received, so the objective could not be put into use”, the Ministry of Development said in a statement.

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Editor: Luana Pavaluca

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