Brasov is already preparing for the Christmas Fair: Winter, car and summer, sleigh

The event “Brasov, a fairytale city” comes with two novelties this year: on the one hand, the concept of winter holidays is created together with the people of Brasov, and on the other hand, it is for the first time when the preparations started in May , transmitted, on Thursday, the representatives of the Brasov City Hall.

“It is said that the housekeeper makes his sleigh in winter and his sleigh in summer. For the first time, Brasov City Hall has started preparations for the winter holidays since May. We invite all the people of Brasov to tell us how they see the winter holidays in Brasov, precisely because it is a people’s holiday, a city holiday. Until June 21, they can send us their suggestions on how to see Christmas in Brasov, on the form they find on the city hall website. We will also consult with traders and craftsmen for the organization of the Christmas Fair, during a consultation that will take place next week. The more the community gets involved in this endeavor, the more beautiful holidays we will have this year and Brasov will truly be a “city in the story,” said Deputy Mayor Flavia Boghiu.

Thus, until June 21, the people of Brasov will decide on the theme of winter holidays, they will choose the activities that should take place during the event “Brasov, city in story” – Christmas Fair, concerts, interactive Santa Claus, carousel for children, skating rink, charity fairs for NGOs, areas in neighborhoods where events could take place during the winter holidays and which would be the events they want in their neighborhood.

Another topic on which the people of Brasov are consulted is the one related to the holiday lighting; so they will be able to choose between the type of lighting, classic or with games of lights, its extension in neighborhoods or they can come with other proposals regarding the festive lighting. Not

Lastly, it is up to the people of Brasov to decide how the transition between the years will be celebrated, respectively with fireworks, laser projections or other events.

And regarding the organization of the Christmas Fair, the municipality will consult all the parties involved, both traders and Brasov residents.

This year, the municipality has allocated 900,000 lei for the organization of the event “Brasov, a city in history”, to which will be added the necessary amounts for the festive lighting.

This year the season and winter holidays will start on November 30 and will last until January 8, 2023.

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