ZF analysis: Romania exported 17.4 million liters of wine last year.  The main buyers

Last year, Romania sent 17.4 million liters of wine abroad, in the context in which the total production in 2021 was 4.5 million hectoliters (450 million liters). This means that exports accounted for less than 4% of the total wine made locally last year, according to ZF calculations based on data from the Association of Wine Producers and Exporters and the International Organization of Vine and Wine.

The local market is one of the largest wine producers in Europe and even in the world (ranking in the top 15 worldwide). However, when it comes to exports, it is coded, the wine being consumed almost entirely on the domestic market. That is why Romania is not a well-known name in the world profile market, not being associated with major producers, such as Spain, France or Italy. Even countries with much lower numbers, such as the Republic of Moldova, Hungary and Bulgaria, have made a name for themselves in the field because they bet heavily on exports.

In the case of Romania, the domestic market was large enough and the appetite for consumption was adequate so that there was no need for players to rely on other countries. However, in recent years, marked by an increased effervescence in the field, there is a paradigm shift. In the field of wine, new wineries are constantly appearing, most of them small and medium-sized, which have wines positioned in the premium segment. They are trying, albeit timidly, to put Romania on the world map of Bacchus’ liquor producers.

However, the last two years have been difficult for the industry, which is largely dependent on HoReCa, a pandemic sector that has operated partially and with restrictions. And in foreign markets, many of the partners of local wine producers are also players in the restaurant, cafe and bar industry. As a result, the quantity exported decreased, being more than 25% lower last year compared to 2019. In terms of volumes, exports were weaker as in 2020, although production increased sharply and reached 4, 5 million hl, 16% above the previous year’s level, according to the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV).

For Romania, this is the second best year in the last five, but a long way from 2018.

However, there is another trend in exports. If there is a decrease in volumes, in 2021 it has brought an absolute record. In ten years, the value of exports has doubled to 34 million euros, which is more than 10% higher than in 2019 or 2020. This means that although the quantity decreases, the value increases, more precisely we export more expensive wine, which could position Romania better in the preferences of foreign consumers. For a long time, exports were dominated by even bulk wine, shipped abroad and bottled in other countries under foreign labels, market players say.

Now, the export is dominated by big players, such as Cramele Recaş, but the presence of smaller and newer wineries is also noticeable.

In terms of destination, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom bought 70% of all wine sent last year by local Bacchus liqueur producers, according to the Association of Wine Producers and Exporters (APEV). Other European countries come to the next places, but also the USA, China and Japan.

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