Marcel Ciolacu says that the salary increase for dignitaries will be postponed.  "He has to tighten his belt"

The Save Romania Union (USR) announced on Wednesday that it has submitted two notifications to the Constitutional Court regarding the projects of salary increases in the public system last week through the Parliament.

The main arguments of unconstitutionality invoked in the notifications are: lack of financial statement, violation of the principle of bicameralism, violation of parliamentary procedures for the adoption of laws, it is shown in a USR communiqué sent to Agerpres.

In the draft laws challenged by the USR, the initiators did not indicate where the money will be taken from, ie the source of financing to cover the budget expenditures resulting from the application of the new measures, the quoted source mentions.

USR says that the violation of the principle of bicameralism took place because the parliamentarians of power came to the Chamber of Deputies with amendments that did not exist in the form of the Senate and totally diverted the purpose of the approved normative act, and thus the Senate did not pronounced on these measures, and its role was excluded from the legislative process.

“The most serious violation of the parliamentary procedures regarding the adoption of the draft Pl-x 21/2022 is that, one week after the normative act was adopted by the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies, the power decided, under the pretext of a so-called material error, to amend the law by introducing in the text an exception which provides that the allowances of all dignitaries are also increased. Or the Parliament, when it voted the bill, did not approve such a thing “, it is mentioned in the communiqué.

Even without including this exception, USR shows that it voted last week against the adoption of the bill.

“If the law on the elimination of special pensions of parliamentarians was declared unconstitutional by the RCC on the grounds that both the specialized committee and the plenary adopted the draft on the same day, without any prohibition in this regard, the law to increase salaries at The state is equally unconstitutional, because a few hours passed between the meeting of the specialized commission and the adoption of the law in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies. The budgetary impact is unknown. Neither the Minister of Finance, nor the Minister of Labor, nor any parliamentarian of the current coalition has any idea how much money is needed for these increases “, said the USR deputy Cristian Seidler.

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