Top Tastes Atlas: Romanian food, on the 4th place in the world

If Romania does not excel in sports as before, there is still a field in which our country occupies an honorable 4th place in the world. It is a top of the tastiest dishes, prepared by Atlas Keys. The ranking is led by Italy, followed by Greece and Spain. Then comes Romania with mititei, belly soup and polenta so appreciated by foreigners.

Foreign tourists arriving in guesthouses in Romania are impressed by the scenery, but especially by the local cuisine.

Rodica Nemeș, owner of the pension: Our tradition has been like this, a glass of human horinca when we enter the house and then we start eating good and tasty dishes. Polenta with cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese, pork products, pickles, homemade bacon with homemade bread and pickles and red onions.

This is also proved by the votes of the internet users who participated in making the top of the best chefs in the world.

Ioana Mihalca, Digi24 journalist: Sarmale, polenta, sausages, are just some of the dishes that have ranked our country 4th in the world when it comes to food.

The dishes appreciated by foreigners are also the favorites of Romanians.

– Sarmale, grills.
– Pies, sarmale, polenta with cheese, smoked ciolan.
– Sarmalele. It can be any kind of food, but if it’s stuffed, I don’t need anything else
– I think Sarmale is more specific.
– Beans with ciolan, I think that’s the best food.

Although we might think that Romanian cuisine is not the healthiest, nutritionists recommend traditional dishes in any diet.

Iulia Trif, nutritionist: Instead of eating a slice of salami or Parisian for breakfast, it is better to eat a slice of bacon, it is very good, it brings saturated fatty acids, respectively I recommend polenta with cheese, it is low in calories and also brings a significant intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Paul Siserman, Gourmet: Authentic Romanian cuisine, from my point of view, is made with some ingredients that you can’t help but fall in love with the final taste of the plate.

In the Taste Atlas ranking, Romania obtained the score of 4.57. This was done after the voters chose 30 dishes, drinks and food specific to our country, among which, in place of honor are the mititeii and the famous belly soup.

The most appreciated local dishes

Grilled minced meat rolls
Sweet bread
Tripe soup
Bean soup
Chicken soup

Source: Atlas keys

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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