"There is no excuse to park on the crosswalk," Clotilde Armand told a citizen who complained that there were no parking spaces.

He recently made another post on his Facebook page about the continuation of the program to lift illegally parked cars on pedestrian crossings, on places reserved for disabled people or for charging electric vehicles, and especially for those who block access to hospitals, schools and administrative offices or bicycle lanes.

“I saw that yesterday’s post picking up the Ferrari car parked on the crosswalk sparked a lot of discussion in the public space – a good thing I say. We continue to pick up cars parked on the crosswalks, parked in places reserved for disabled people or Electric vehicles, which block access to hospitals, schools and administrative offices, on specially designed bike lanes, I say this so that there are no more comments We pick up every car parked illegally Of course, the current lifting capacity of the cars is not As I wish, it is undersized, but I have bad news for drivers who choose to park illegally. three more vans, special equipment is needed, and we train drivers for at least courses agii. We will not make any rebates, the law must be obeyed by everyone! Insensitivity must be sanctioned. And the sidewalk is for people, not cars. “said the mayor.

The mayor adds that from May until now, more than 130 illegally parked cars have been seized, and the total amount collected was 54,550 lei, with an average value of 420 lei / car.

Subsequently, he criticized the opposition parties in the council of the City Hall of Sector 1, PNL and PSD.

“I understand that some politicians from PNL and PSD woke up angry because I picked up a Ferrari car parked on the crosswalk yesterday. Nice gesture! Their upset means that we are doing our job as well as possible. I mean we are doing what they would do. he should have been 30 years old. “

Criticism from some of the commentators was not lacking. One complained about the lack of parking.

Clotilde Armand replied:

“We are not exaggerating. You know, there’s no excuse to park on the crosswalk. And paid public parking is almost empty“.

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